Happy 16th Birthday, Ralph!

Happy birthday to the best son any dad could ever have. Responsible, considerate and very loving. Someone who carries the “Dreyfus” surname with great care and pride.


I am proud of the man you are turning out to be.

Always remember how much I love you… how much your family loves you. Know in your heart that we are behind you every step of the way, not just to guide you but to also share in your happiness with every accomplished dream.

Thank you for being more than a blessing to me and to everyone around you. We love you more than you can ever imagine.

As you grow taller and taller (5’9″ already as of writing), don’t forget to look down a li’l bit more often so you can see your shorter parents (Hehehe).

But son, we look up to you not only because of your literal height but also because of the person you’ve become.

God bless your every endeavor.

Fly high but stay grounded.

Happy 16th birthday, son. I love you to death.

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