Globe Libreng Tawag Continues in Zamboanga City

It’s really great to see technology put to good use not just to benefit those who can afford the services, but also for those who REALLY need it especially in dire times.

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom continues to provide Libreng Tawag service to displaced residents of Zamboanga City to ensure that they can remain in touch with their families and friends despite the ongoing clashes between the military and members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Zamboanga Divisoria Elementary school

The facilities located in Divisoria Elementary School and Western Mindanao State University are open to all of the 23,000 affected families no matter where they are in the city.

Divisoria Elementary Schools is one of 35 evacuation sites in the area while WMSU houses the mobile hospital where patients of Zamboanga General Hospital are temporarily relocated. Libreng Internet is also being provided to WMSU for use of the medical staff and media who are covering the development.

Good job, Globe! May others follow suit and realize that every little bit helps especially when we all come together for a common cause. Cheers!

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