Flight 001 – A One Stop Travel Shop!

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has just turned off the fasten seatbelt sign… Flight 001 (pronounced: “flight one”), the world’s premiere travel store, has just opened its third and biggest store at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City, as part of their aggressive rollout plan in Asia. Whether for international jetsetters or domestic commuters, Flight 001 has practical and innovative products that enable travelers to experience the world in style and comfort.

“Flight 001 is quickly becoming a global brand, which is a vision Brad and I have had for the company from the start. And we are particularly excited and passionate about our latest expansion in the Philippines” said John Sencion, co-founder of Flight 001.

In line with Flight 001’s existing locations, the interior of the new store is designed to model the look and feel of 747 Jet fuselage. Complete with curved walls, wood paneling, and a retro-modern ticket counter, the stores are reminiscent of the glamorous Jet-Set era of the 1950s and 60s.

Check out how the awesome Flight 001 store looks like on these photos below…

This one-stop travel store was conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 023 somewhere between New York and Paris. John Sencion and Brad John, two business travelers who had spent far too much time preparing for their trip, envisioned a travel store as streamlined as flight itself. Luckily for travelers of every kind, their mid-air detour resulted in a jetsetter’s dream: an all inclusive, retro-modern retail experience that satisfies the frequent traveler’s every need.

Check out a few of their really cool lookin’ items on the slideshow below…

Along with the concept stores, Flight 001 has their own brand of highly functional travel products: the Flight 001 Spacepak packing system maximizes cabin-size luggage space by compressing the air out of two weeks’ worth of clothes. The Flight 001 Go Clean pack bag collection helps keep you organized with versatile mix-and-match bags that range from laundry to shoes, beachwear to gym gear. Be sure to check out the Flight 001 store at the East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. There are many more innovative travel solutions in store for you.

About Flight 001

Flight 001, the world’s only travel lifestyle brand, is an all-inclusive retail experience that addresses every travel need with style and comfort. The name was inspired by Pan Am flight 1, the world’s first round-the-world flight, which made stops in Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Calcutta, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London, and finally New York. Flight 001 has 19 stores globally, of which the 11 stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are operated under Flight 001 Asia, a partner of the Primer Group.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/Flight001Ph or www.flight001.com.

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