“Bagging” Some Pogi Points!

If food is the way to a man’s heart… then being with my wife has taught me that the way to a woman’s heart (apart from the obvious – diamonds and flowers) is through shoes and bags.

But getting my wife a pair of shoes is quite tricky for me. I could never seem to grasp her taste… and there’s also the trouble of getting her the correct shoe size but NOT the right fit.

So, what’s a guy to do to get some much needed “pogi points” from the missus?

Simple. Get her a bag instead! And that’s exactly what I did. I went online to check out some really cool bags which I knew my wife would easily fall in love with. And because I know that she has a thing for anything “Ralph Lauren”, choosing which brand to get her was a no-brainer.

ZapposKnowing that I can effortlessly purchase items online using my GCASH American Express Virtual Pay, I immediately headed to Zappos.com to see if there were a good number of RL bags to choose from. To my pleasant surprise, not only were there a ton of RL bags… some of them were on an unbelievable SALE!

Ralph Lauren Bembridge N/S Tote IvoryAfter going through a vast Ralph Lauren selection, I eventually found this really cool looking Ivory-colored RL bag! Alas! I knew… this was it!

The “Ralph Lauren Bembridge N/S Tote Ivory” bag!

It was on sale and being sold for only $94.99 (original price is $158.00)! They were also selling it in a limited color that I was confident my wife didn’t have yet.

I went around looking for a similar bag in stores here in Metro Manila… malls, Greenhills shops, etc. I couldn’t seem to find anything close to it in terms of price and looks. Plus, bags like these being sold in reputable bag shops go for Php 8,500.00 up. A seller on eBay was selling the exact bag for $120.00 (approximately Php 5,336.89) + $39.25 (Php 1,745.61) for shipping.

Knowing that the item was on sale for only a limited amount of time, I wasted no time purchasing the beautiful looking bag while imagining how happy my wife would be when I surprise her with it.

I spent $94.99 (Php 4,175.29) for the bag plus $8.55 tax (Php 375.82) for a total cost of $103.54 (Php 4551.10) and had it sent straight to my very own My Shopping Box US address.

My Shopping Box immediately advised me via email as soon as my order arrived.

Since the RL bag was pretty big, computed by package size, I paid My Shopping Box the amount of $51.75 (Php 2274.67) using my GCASH American Express Virtual Pay for air shipping.

Let’s do the math…

The total amount I spent to purchase and ship the item was $155.29 (approximately Php 6,821.82).

That’s roughly Php 1,678.18 cheaper than purchasing the same item locally.

It only took 2 days for Zappos to deliver my package to My Shopping Box. That’s fast! Know how long it took my package to reach my doorstep from My Shopping Box? A mere NINE (9) days only! Impressive.

So, earlier today… my wife was surprised when a huge Zappos box arrived at our place. I slowly opened it up knowing that she was really curious to find out what it was.

Good thing she didn’t notice the description of the package which was on a piece of paper pasted on the side of the box. Whew!

As I carefully unfolded the package’s cover, I could see my wife trying to figure out what the content could be… Hehehe.


Tada! Her eyes agog, she couldn’t believe that the package was actually for her. She was delightfully surprised as she immediately held the bag and embraced it.

RL Tags

Then she hugged and kissed me. BOOM!

(Someone’s getting lucky toooonight… LOL!)

Happy wifey with her new bag!

She was so excited about the bag that she used it that very evening when we dined out with a few relatives in Greenhills.

GCashKnowing that I made my wife very happy makes me equally happy as well. Woohoo!

Thank you for the POGI POINTS, GCASH American Express Virtual Pay! Looks like I’ll be using you more and more in the coming weeks and months. *wink! wink!*

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