The MyPhone Iceberg – Unboxing

As promised, here is a quick unboxing of MyPhone’s latest (and greatest) Android smartphone to date – The ICEBERG.

Iceberg - Box (front)

At first glance, by looking at the box, you can easily tell that this isn’t your usual MyPhone device.

Iceberg - Box (back)

The back of the Iceberg box lists the device’s specs and features. I actually like the packaging of this new smartphone.

Inside the box

Upon opening the box, you can see that the various accessories that come with it are neatly compartmentalized in separate cardboard boxes.

Iceberg - accessories

The MyPhone Iceberg’s accessories are pretty much what you’d expect. But how they look are slightly (but pleasantly) different…

Iceberg - headphones

The headphones that come with the Iceberg sports a flat cable and the buds seem more sophisticated than what usually comes with MyPhone’s previous models.

Iceberg - Flat USB to MicroUSB cable

I particularly liked the new flat-cabled “USB to MicroUSB” data/charging cable. It looks really sleek, clean and handsome.

Iceberg unit

The MyPhone Iceberg unit is BIG. Really. But it’s a good kind of big. People who are used to significantly smaller smartphones or people with smaller hands will find the Iceberg’s size quite unusual. But you’ll get used to it after a while.

Iceberg (rear top)

Gone is the signature Philippine map found on the back of every previous MyPhone device that came before the Iceberg. All you see is the embossed “MyPhone” logo instead. Perhaps a way to signify the company’s significant change in direction? Hmmm…

Iceberg (rear bottom)

The rear bottom part of the Iceberg just shows the smartphone’s name. Minimalist approach. Nice.

Iceberg - power buttonThe power button is where you’d expect it to be. Just like previous MyPhone models, it can easily be found at the right side of the unit. No surprise there.

Iceberg - volume rockerThe volume rocker is located at the left side of the Iceberg. No surprise there either.

Iceberg - MicroUSB slotThe MyPhone Iceberg’s MicroUSB slot is located at the bottom part of the device. If you’ve used quite a number of MyPhone units before, you’d know that most of these units previously had their ports located at the top part of the smartphone.

The dual SIM slots of the Iceberg are located at the very top part of the unit. You pry out the upper part of the Iceberg’s rear casing to reveal the said slots. This may be the very reason why the MicroUSB slot is now found at the bottom.

Early thoughts

Well, as MyPhone promised (and announced), this is a more sophisticated smartphone compared to all their previous smartphone models and their BIGGEST by far. Holding the unit takes a little getting used to because of its size.

True enough, there is no expandable memory. It comes with an internal capacity of 16GB. Whether that is enough for you or not totally depends on how you use your smartphone.

Also, the MyPhone Iceberg sports a non-removable battery. It isn’t uncommon for Android phones to suddenly freeze or hang at certain times. Some of these instances require you to physically remove the battery from the back in order to properly reset and reboot the unit. I’m curious to know how the Iceberg’s non-removable battery will come into play when something like that happens. Only time will tell.

So far, it’s a pretty sleek looking device with an aluminum back that can easily impress.

If you’re looking to replace your current smartphone with a new model, go check out the MyPhone Iceberg. Given its pretty specs and various features, the device is considerably affordable. It might just be the pocket-sized office and media player you’ve been looking for.

I’ll be posting an experiential review of the MyPhone Iceberg in a couple of days. I have yet to test drive this baby first to really get a feel of the device and how well it performs.


  • I just found out that the MyPhone Iceberg has a “Hard Reset” feature. Since it’s impossible to remove the battery to do a full reset, in the event of a freeze-up or when your Iceberg hangs, simply press the POWER BUTTON down for about 8secs. The device will shutdown automatically.
  • Also, if you’re in need of bigger storage space, you can make use of the Iceberg’s USB OTG feature so you can connect a flash card or a portable hard drive.
  • For those asking, the Iceberg’s battery is 2600mAh
  • Retail price of the MyPhone Iceberg is Php 11,998.00

What are your first impressions? Are you looking to buy an Iceberg yourself? Share your thoughts below at the comments section. Thanks!

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