SDRAM Sweetness!

Just a few days ago I was really looking forward to ordering additional SDRAM for my iMac… which I did. I made my online order on July 26, 2013 on by using my GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

If you were following my blog posts, you’d know that it didn’t take long for my order to reach my My Shopping Box address in the US and shortly after was already on its way to the Philippines.

FINALLY! It’s here! And it didn’t take too long!


All it took was a mere 13 days total – from ordering online to its arrival right at my doorstep. Wondering why I ordered online instead of purchasing it locally? Simple. It’s cheaper online and I’m guaranteed that what I’m getting is authentic.

A few weeks before ordering online, I was actually looking around locally for the particular kind of SDRAM that I needed. I found a few… but not the brand that I wanted. Then I checked online and made a quick comparison.

Online is cheaper.

It turned out that the local prices of the kind of SDRAM I was looking for were significantly more expensive than purchasing them online and having them shipped over to the Philippines. And since it wasn’t a “life or death” situation wherein I would’ve needed the item ASAP, I figured that waiting a few days for the item to be delivered to me would be perfectly ok.


The brand new Kingston SDRAM model I wanted was being sold locally for Php 4,500-5,000.00. Online, I got them for only Php 3,383.00 (converted in Pesos). Add the international shipping cost (by air) of roughly Php 253.00 by My Shopping Box, and it still turns out way cheaper than buying the item here!

I was so excited when my order arrived! In fact, it’s equally fun tracking your order every now and then to check if the package is already on its way. It adds to the thrill of anticipating its arrival.

My package arrived in good time and in perfectly good condition. My iMac is now running on 12GBs of RAM under its hood. Yay!

SDRAM Goodness!

If you are having any apprehensions on purchasing online, I assure you it’s absolutely safe. Take it from me… I’m very paranoid when it comes to online security.

I suggest you sign up for your own GCash American Express Virtual Pay account soon. After making your first order, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

I’m actually checking out a few items again on other sites such as Adorama. I’m looking for a few things on the internet that’s seemingly impossible to find locally. I’ll be making another online purchase in a couple of days… keep you guys posted! Cheers!

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