Max’s Poison Scare

Max, our little teacup Pomeranian, gave us quite a scare 2 days ago!

While my wife and I were out of the house to attend the Globe/PAL rewards launch and to do a few errands at the mall, our little daughter informed us that Max ingested a small piece rat poison.

She said that in the middle of crying for fear of something bad happening to Max, she tried really hard to pry his mouth open to take out the poison. What a brave little girl!

Thankfully, she was able to pluck the poison out from inside Max’s mouth. But we weren’t sure if that was the only poison he ingested or if our dog was able to ingest more than what our daughter was able to take out.

So, my wife and I had to rush home and take our little dog to the vet and have him checked immediately. Who knows what kind of damage the poison might do to Max’s internal organs.

The doctor recommended that he be injected with what they call “K1” for 10 straight days. K1 is an extra dose of vitamins to counter whatever poison is inside his system.

Unfortunately, Max had an allergic reaction to the K1 dose administered to him. His eyes started getting puffy and his snout became swollen. He started rubbing his face on my shirt trying to relieve the itchiness. Poor dog.

Max’s swollen face due to an allergic reaction to his first K1 medication.

We were advised by our veterinarian to counter the reaction with antihistamine medication. Good thing my wife, being the ever-ready mom, always brings along a pack full of first aid meds.

Max and his Dreyfus family

So far, so good… he is now on his 3rd day and he seems to be in his usual perky disposition. Hoping that it’ll be smooth sailing till the 10th and final day of his K1 session.

Everyone at home is worried and rooting for Max to get through this. He’s more than just a pet to us… he’s pretty much our baby. He sleeps with us… he goes to the mall, to church and even out of town with the entire family.

Little Max gives us so much joy and happiness and we love him unconditionally. Here’s to his full recovery.

Do you have a family pet too? If you do, tell me all about it… or if you just want to send in your well wishes for Max, feel free to leave your comments below. Cheers!

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