Keeping It Klasse

Victorinox Swiss Army KnifeAs far back as I can remember, my dad used to always carry with him a good ol’ Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Being the tinkerer that he is and his love for nifty useful tools, it isn’t any wonder he would own something as cool as that.

Imagine having a whole slew of tools right in your pocket – a screwdriver, a knife, scissors, a mini saw, bottle and can opener, tweezers, toothpick and so much more.

Back in the ’80s, there weren’t a lot of China-made imitations and cheap knockoffs. Almost everything sold in stores were authentic and original – clothes, shoes, etc. When it came to Swiss Army Knives, there was only Victorinox. Although these cool Victorinox products were quite pricey even back then, I’ve always known that quality and impeccable craftsmanship comes at a premium. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Good things don’t come cheap…”, right? There is some truth to that.

Nowadays, Victorinox not only makes Swiss Army Knives… they are now one of the most trusted brands when it comes to luggage, watches, bags and travel accessories.

It goes without saying that I am a huuuge fan of Victorinox. That’s why I was so excited to be part of Victorinox’s posh cocktail party and launch of their exclusive loyalty card.

With good friends and bloggers: (Clockwise from front) me, Anthony Go, Jun Regalado, my wife (Yen), Ferdinand Bondoy, Rey Belen & Azrael Coladilla

In the country, Victorinox is a brand patronized by those who value the highest of quality, along with elegance and sophistication. That is to say that it attracts those with discriminating standards and refined tastes.

It was no surprise that among the guests who flocked to the sophisticated evening gathering were the city’s crème de la crème, including corporate bigwigs, most sought-after celebrities, and today’s most influential personalities from the media.

Victorinox had an area in the venue where they showcased a good number of their very impressive products which I’m sure made most of the guests drool.

Beautiful Victorinox watches!

Apart from the watches (which were “to die for”), also on display were a few cool Swiss Army Knives.

I love these Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.

I was also impressed with the Victorinox luggage displayed during that evening.

Awesome luggage from Victorinox

As I was checking out these bags and luggage, I noticed that some of them were priced at over Php 300,000.00! Wow! Too steep for me… Hahaha!

Moving on.

The spirited night began by treating attendees with a scrumptious spread of Swiss-oriented specialties including the Lucerne Vol Au Vent, Vitello Tonnato, St. Gallen Sausages, Ticino Air Dried Meats, Cheese Board e.g.Gruyere, Emmenthal & Appenzeller, Assorted Bread Rolls, Swiss Chocolate Fondue, Meringue, Fresh Strawberries and Grapes. As guests discovered the culture of the Swiss through food, the regaling continued with a gallery of Victorinox products and iconographies which told more of the Swiss culture and several significant Philippine-Swiss relations over the centuries.

As the night escalated, the attention of guests was redirected to the main program wherein Victorinox introduced itself with a toast followed by a few words from Primer Group of Companies’ AVP, Darwin Banez, by welcoming the esteemed guests with a toast.

Swiss ambassador – Mr. Ivo Sieber

The event’s guest of honor, Swiss ambassador Ivo Sieber graced the event and shared kind words about the longstanding and amicable relations between our countries.

Finally, highlighting the program was the launch of the Victorinox Klasse card, a loyalty card that entitles its members to receive various perks and privileges. Among these perks are:

  1. An invitation to private selling events and exclusive Victorinox events such as product launches and parties.
  2. A 20 percent discount on one’s birthday month.
  3. Quarterly privileges with partner establishments.
  4. Promotions exclusive to the card holder.

As the night’s special guest, Ambassador Sieber was called on to the stage once again to be dubbed as the Klasse card’s first honorary member. Soon, cards were distributed to the guests as well.

Capping off the night was an exciting raffle which allowed a few lucky guests to take home some of Victorinox’s most iconic products. Among the prizes raffled off were the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Explorer, a Victorinox Swiss Army Original, a Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria, a Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision, and a Victorinox Werks Professional business case. The event’s hotel sponsor, Holiday Inn, also gave away GCs applicable for use in their in-house restaurants.

Posing for a quick pic – (L-R) Azrael Coladilla, Melody Co, Ferdinand Bondoy, me, Rey Belen, Yen Dreyfus and Anthony Go

It was an evening filled with fun festivities and wonderful Victorinox products. Too bad I wasn’t able to win any of the prizes given away during the raffle but it was absolutely alright… I had a blast, nevertheless.

Thank you, Victorinox, for the amazing evening. More power to you guys! Here’s to more products that last a more than a lifetime. Cheers!

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