Get Your FREAQ On with the “Sound Kick” by SOUNDFREAQ!

If you’re looking to get a portable bluetooth speaker that you could easily pair with your smartphone… or if you’re on the lookout to purchase a music dock alternative, you’re gonna want to read this post.

What I have right now is called the “Sound Kick” by SOUNDFREAQ.

The Sound Kick is an impressive carry-along bluetooth speaker that not only looks good, but delivers awesome sound quality based on tons of user experiences and various reviews.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, just know that this device has been hailed by Gizmodo as “The Best $100 Bluetooth Speaker”. That alone should be enough for you to consider this baby.

Box description...

The strength of the Sound Kick comes from its impressive versatility. It can connect not just to iOS devices but also to Android powered smartphones and tablets as well as PCs.

The Sound Kick

The most common color of the Sound Kick is black. That is what you would normally find when you search for it around the internet. The one I am featuring is Sound Kick’s “Chromatics” variant. Only the color has changed. Performance is still the same.


Soundfreaq’s Sound Kick has all of its buttons on the top part of the device – the left side has the playback controls and the ever important “Pair” button so you can connect your bluetooth-enabled gadget to this external speaker.


The top right side of the Sound Kick, on the other hand, has the power and volume buttons plus Soundfreaq’s patented UQ3 Spacial Sound Enhancement control.

What is UQ3?

According to Soundfreaq, relative to larger speaker systems, compact home audio products have a relatively short distance between the left and right speakers resulting in limited stereo separation.

Soundfreaq developed their proprietary UQ3 DSP technology to create a psychoacoustic effect by controlling sound wave interaction that enhances the perceived stereo separation.

The benefit is that you get a compact system while enjoying an immersive audio experience.

Optional jack for cable connection

The Sound Kick sports an “AUX IN” socket on the rear side of the speaker. This is for those who would rather use a cable instead of connecting via bluetooth.

PL Jack cable

The package comes with a PL cable in case you don’t have one. Just purchase a longer one if you find this a tad short.

USB Port & DC IN Jack

 This device also has a neat feature that some may find to be a real lifesaver. The Sound Kick also doubles as an external power bank. In case you suddenly realize that your smartphone is running out of battery, you can use the Sound Kick’s internal 2200mAh battery to juice up using the USB cable that comes with your phone (or tablet).

Power Adaptor

It also has a DC IN jack and comes with its own power adaptor in case you want to save the Sound Kick’s internal battery charge and would rather use an electrical outlet to power your speaker.


One reason why the Sound Kick is regarded as THE BEST $100 bluetooth speaker in the market today is because of its rich bass reproduction. And this is due to the device’s amazing “Extension Chamber”.


You simply pullout Sound Kick’s Extension Chamber for a richer sound experience. When traveling, you simply press it back in for compact storage.

Size of the Sound Kick

Soundfreaq’s Sound Kick is everything other review sites tout it to be. It immediately impresses upon first playback and will most definitely “wow” friends wherever you take it.

It also makes for a really cool music dock replacement anywhere in your home.

Check out SOUNDFREAQ’s Sound Kick “Chromatics Collection” teaser video below:

I tried playing back various kinds of tracks from my device and the Sound Kick delivered awesome sounding music every single time. And for the price that it goes for, it’s pretty hard not to like it even more.

I absolutely loved it. I’m quite confident you will too.

The Sound Kick by SOUNDFREAQ is priced at an affordable Php 4,950.00 and is available at all Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker outlets in and around Metro Manila.

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