The Cookoo Watch!

Picture this…

You’re in a noisy, crowded environment and your trusty smartphone is in your pocket. Since you’re afraid that pulling out your most prized gadget to check for important tweets, SMS, FB, and email notifications might call the attention of snatchers and robbers, you decide to keep it securely in your pocket (or bag) instead.

Ever been in that situation before? More than once, perhaps?

What if you’re in a meeting? Constantly looking at your phone to check for incoming messages can be quite disrespectful to the person you’re having a meeting with. In the end, you choose to keep your phone turned down till god knows when. All the while, someone is trying to reach you through your smartphone and you don’t even notice… till it’s too late. Not good.

We’ve all been guilty of this. We’ve probably all been in hot water because we missed an urgent call from our spouse or from our boss.

So, what can you really do if you need to keep tabs with important people? What if you need to be notified the very minute an email is sent to you or when an emergency call comes in…? Is there a solution to this?

Fortunately, NOW there’s is!


Yup! Cookoo! An analog watch that does so much more than just notify you of the time.

This impressive little gadget connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 in tandem with a free downloadable app via the Apple AppStore.

The Cookoo watch immediately tells you when you’ve received emails, tweets, FB messages, and even incoming phone calls! It also relays previously set alarms and notes so you never skip a beat.

Not only that… the Cookoo watch also tells you when you’re too far away from your iOS device in case you accidentally leave it behind or forget it somewhere.

I’ve been using this handsome looking device for a while now and it has already saved my ass quite a number of times.

Being unable to reply to important email and online correspondences are now a thing of the past. Noisy parties that drown out my iPhone’s alarm as well as during TV tapings wherein our devices are required to be set to silent are of no consequence anymore. The Cookoo watch has got my back.

I know what you’re probably thinking… You’re probably worried that having the Cookoo watch constantly connected to your iOS device via Bluetooth will drain your device’s battery faster than usual. I thought of that, too, at first! Considering how valuable battery juice is nowadays and with most smartphones notorious for being power hogs, it is but natural to be wary of how much battery the Cookoo will consume throughout the day.

Here’s the thing… it used to be true that keeping bluetooth turned on eats up a lot of power. But not anymore. The Cookoo watch uses the newest bluetooth technology – Bluetooth 4.0. You will hardly notice the power consumption difference of your iOS device while linked to the Cookoo watch.

If you’re really paranoid about battery drain, you can always get a portable power bank or a BOOSTCASE which you can easily find in Apple Premium Reseller stores such as Beyond The Box.

The Cookoo watch is not a gimmick. Far from it. Don’t be fooled by its cool looks… This little gadget serves its purpose and serves it pretty damn well. I love how its analog/classic design easily matches any kind of wardrobe you put on.

In fact, I’ve already been using it during my scenes in GMA-7‘s afternoon teleserye, “Mga Basang Sisiw”. Check out the show and catch me wearing the Cookoo watch… you’ll never even think that what I’m wearing is a high-tech notification device linked to my iPhone 5 if I didn’t tell you. Pretty cool, huh!

Oh, by the way… the Cookoo watch is water resistant and very durable. You can wear it to the gym or even use it at the beach.

Using an Android device? Don’t fret. Cookoo is coming up with an Android app that’ll seamlessly work with their watch as well! (Hooray for all Android users!)

The Cookoo Watch is priced at Php 6,500.00 and is sold at all Apple Premium Reseller outlets such as Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Switch, iStudio and Parafreaq Geek Hub.

Grab yours and never be out of the loop again.

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