The BOOSTCASE for the iPhone 5

I’m a power junkie… any iPhone 5 owner probably is.

When I’m on location during my teleserye tapings, we spend more time waiting on the set than the time spent acting in front of the camera.  So, how do we while the hours away?  We rely on our phones to keep us busy and to save us from boredom.

The minute my iPhone 5’s battery hits the 80% mark, I get a bit restless.  When it drops to 50%, my peace of mind leaves the room. It’s one of the worst feelings, don’t you agree?

The iPhone 5 is an awesome phone… it’s pretty much a portable office, gaming console and entertainment system rolled into one.  But that versatility comes at a price.  It takes a huge toll on its battery.  And no matter how much Apple tries to improve their iOS devices on the aspect of power consumption, we iOS users want more juice.

LOW BATT!We end up bringing our chargers and cables hoping to find an electrical outlet nearby so we can charge our gadgets every chance we get.  But we are always on the lookout for better ways to keep our iPhones away from that dreaded “red battery” icon.

So, is there a better way to keep our iPhone 5s juiced up?  Hell, yeah!

If you’ve used an iPhone 4/4S before, you’ve probably heard of (or even purchased) the BOOSTCASE.

Finally, after the long wait, the BOOSTCASE for the iPhone 5 is finally available!  It’s a protective case with a built-in power bank, ready to give your iPhone 5 that extra oomph when you need it the most.

I personally have the 2200mAh (double shot) version of the BOOSTCASE for the iPhone 5.  With 2200mAh, I can rest easy knowing that I can charge a completely drained (0%) iPhone 5 all the way to 100% and still have enough juice to charge it an extra 50% more.  So, let’s say for example that it takes 6 straight hours of heavy use for my phone to completely drain from a full charge, the BOOSTCASE will add another 9 hours to it, giving it a total of 15 straight hours. Impressive, right?

For those who aren’t too keen in getting that much power, a 1500mAh (single shot) version of the BOOSTCASE HYBRID is also available.

Remember, one can never have too much battery power especially when it comes to your iPhone 5.  A dead phone is a useless phone… no one wants that.

The BOOSTCASE for the iPhone 5 (2200mAh) is priced at Php 3,950.00 and can easily be purchased at any Beyond The Box, Digital Hub or Digital Walker outlets.

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