Thank You, OpenDNS!

I’m a fan of OpenDNS. I’ve been using their service for the longest time. It has made accessing the internet faster and remarkably more secure.
With just a quick modification by replacing your old DNS configuration to OpenDNS’ own settings, you can immediately feel (and see) the difference.

So, you can imagine my happiness and excitement when the awesome folks of OpenDNS sent me some cool swag straight from the U.S.!
Thank you Kara and the entire OpenDNS gang (Yes, Kara… not a problem that you ran out of “small” sized shirts. The medium sized tee will fit me just fine!)

More power to all of you who keep the internet safe and blazing fast for a whole lot of us! Cheers!

To know more about OpenDNS, head over to their website by clicking here.

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