Thank You #fwdPH – #SocialMediaWeekend!

I’d like to thank everyone who came over to Glorietta and joined in the festivities as we celebrated #SocialMediaWeekend with the theme- “Let’s move #fwdPH”.

I had lots of fun hosting the program proper with co-hosts, Patricia Hizon and Bry Ramirez… I hope you guys enjoyed it as well.

Congratulations to everyone who made it possible… the organizers, the sponsors, the guest speakers, as well as all the really helpful volunteers who spent all their time and effort to ensure the overwhelming success of this year’s whole day event.

Social Media here in our country is most definitely strong and well.  Whether you love posting #selfie pics, #foodporn images, or fighting for what you believe in, you are what makes social media the most powerful vehicle to make everyone’s voice be heard.

This FREEDOM is a privilege.  Make it matter.  Do not abuse it.

Remember, the power you wield in your hands (literally!) can bring people together as much as it can divide us.  Be responsible netizens.  Say only things that you can backup, relay only information that you have personally verified, touch lives and make your online presence count.

Mabuhay ang Social Media.

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