SkyCable Sorrows…

Just last week I posted an open letter to SkyCable… remember?

A couple of days after that, they sent an engineering team to check my connection problems. Considering how many times they’ve already sent service teams to our place to tend to my internet concerns, I was very doubtful they’d be able to resolve my broadband woes.

They naturally did the routine checkup… speedtest and all. I repeatedly told them that speedtest wasn’t the problem. In fact, my speedtest results to SkyCable’s server was perfect – Ping: 15ms, Down:5.7Mbps, Up: 0.97Mbps. It was connecting to international sites that I had a problem with for the longest time.

I can only conclude that the main problem is coming from SkyCable’s end. They can call it whatever they want… the bottom-line for me is that I cannot get any work done because of their repeated unfulfilled responsibilities as my internet provider.

I can only tolerate their misgivings so much. I have already come to a point wherein even constant bill readjustments on their part aren’t enough anymore. I cannot finish my work. Worse, I am LOSING work as well! All thanks to SkyCable’s inept service.

I wonder how SkyCable plans to make up for the work and income that my wife and I have lost due to terrible internet connection and incompetent service.

I appreciate the follow-up calls they’ve been making but it seems that there’s too much calls and not enough action being made. This has been going on for months already.

Last night and even the night before that, we had NO INTERNET AT ALL. It seems to be happening like clockwork. I’m quite worried we might lose our internet connection again tonight. Just when I thought SkyCable has started to seriously resolve my problems, they manage to surprise disappoint me all the more.

My experience with SkyCable has only been pleasant during the first 3 months of our subscription. It all went downhill from there.

I’ll keep you guys updated in the coming days.

Are you also a SkyCable subscriber? Or are you thinking of getting SkyCable as your internet provider? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below and let’s talk.

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