Put Some Spring Into Your iPhone 5’s Power

When the iPhone 5 came out, it took a good long while before 3rd party manufacturers came up with external power banks and other accessories that required the use of Apple’s new Lightning cable.

If I remember right, there were compatibility issues at first. There were instances wherein an iPhone 5 unit would simply refuse to charge using a non-Apple manufactured Lightning connector.

Unlike iPhone 5’s predecessors like the 4/4S wherein power bank cases would readily be available in the market as soon as the Apple phones are released, reputable power bank case manufacturers took a substantial amount of time before coming up with their very own offerings for this particular model.

The first few hybrid power bank cases designed for the iPhone 5 that started popping up were the ones found in Tutuban. Some of these devices didn’t even have a brand and some sported a name that seemed to be whipped up by some dumb dork (you know what I mean). These accessories had subpar workmanship and very poor quality. Personally, why risk an expensive piece of equipment on a power bank case that obviously looks suspect?

Finally, one of my trusted brands when it comes to power banks and power bank cases, MiLi, has released the much awaited Power Spring 5. Unlike MiLi’s previous model, the Power Spring 4 (for the iPhone 4/4S), the Power Spring 5 is significantly thinner and lighter.

With 2200mAh of power, the Power Spring 5 can fully charge your iPhone 5 from 0-100% and still have an extra 40-50% of juice.

Power Spring 5 Box - RearThe design of the Power Spring 5 is quite different compared to its other contemporaries. The built-in Lightning connector doesn’t automatically link to the iPhone 5’s bottom socket when the unit is inserted into it. The Power Spring 5’s Lightning connector is located at the rear bottom part of the power bank case. It’s got a specially designed cable snugly lined at the back with the connector securely hidden inside a rear hole.

I can only assume that MiLi designed it as such so as to avoid making the power bank case any bigger. Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, it works just fine.

When you finally decide to use the Power Spring 5’s charging capabilities, simply pry out the Lightning cable from its specially designed “rear pocket”, twist the cable connected to it, and insert the plug into your iPhone 5’s Lightning port. It takes a little bit of getting used to but after a short while you’ll realize that it’s fairly easy.

The inner side of the Power Spring 5 has sort of a textured/rubberized semi-soft surface to keep your iPhone 5 snuggly fit and protected from bumps and accidental drops. When you insert your device into this power bank case, it clamps on to it real tight so you can rest easy knowing that your Apple device won’t fall off even when it drops.

As with other power bank cases, it sports the usual indicator lights to show you how much power remains.

What I personally like about the Power Spring 5 is its noticeably light weight and sleek design.

If you need more reason to get a MiLi Power Spring 5 apart from the obvious, grab it because it comes from a reputable and trusted brand unlike those sold in Divisoria and Tutuban. Purchasing a power bank case for the cheap may seem like the right thing to do but in the end it might just cost you more if it eventually damages your Apple device because of its poor quality.

The MiLi Power Spring 5 is priced at Php 3,300.00 and is sold at Power Mac Center, Rustan’s, Mobile 1, Switch and the MiLi website.

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