Going Gaga Over GCash American Express Virtual Pay!

Remember a post I made a couple of months ago about Globe’s awesome new service that provides a wonderful solution to easy and secure online shopping?

GCashIt’s called the GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

It is a US ISSUED virtual American Express debit card that is seamlessly linked to your GCash account! It uses the funds you have inside your GCash account to purchase items online!

American ExpressIn a nutshell, Globe understands the difficulty Filipinos encounter when it comes to online shopping especially when accessing US-based merchants/sites. Some merchants require you to have a valid US address… a few do not even ship outside the country. Some ship abroad, but freight charges usually cost an arm and a leg (Ouch!)

Well, all that is now a thing of the past because of Globe’s GCash American Express virtual pay!

I know what you’re probably thinking right now. Don’t worry even the slightest bit because GCash American Express Virtual Pay is ABSOLUTELY SAFE! In fact, I’ve been using it for quite sometime already. It is even my enrolled credit card on my US iTunes account so I can purchase iOS apps that are exclusive only to the US market. It’s THAT cool!

Know more about GCash American Express Virtual Pay by watching the video below…

Now that you know how this amazing service works, check out the next video below to see how easy it is to sign up for your very own GCash American Express Virtual Pay account…

If you want to know more about about GCash American Express Virtual Pay, you can click here to check out my comprehensive feature on it.

The only thing you really need to know apart from GCash American Express Virtual Pay being hassle-free and secure, is that there are loads and loads of items being sold in stores online that are remarkably more affordable than those being sold in local stores here in our country. It was just but natural and common sense that I make my purchase online

Kingston 8GB SDRAMJust a few days ago, I decided to purchase a Kingston 8GB SDRAM from Amazon.com for my iMac. I’ve wanted to upgrade my Mac’s RAM for the longest time. I’ve been looking around for reliable and reputable stores selling Kingston SDRAM here in the Philippines but couldn’t find a whole lot of them. Upon canvassing, those reputable establishments ended up selling the item that I wanted at a much higher price. A quick comparison showed that the item at the local store was 20% more expensive than the same item I purchased at Amazon.com together with its shipping fee (by AIR!). Can’t beat that any way you look at it. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as my order gets delivered right to my doorstep. It won’t take long.

I’m really excited about it. My iMac’s basic 4GB RAM just won’t cut it anymore… not with all the resource heavy applications that I’m currently using on my desktop nowadays.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen a few items online that you couldn’t find here locally as well… perhaps a dress, or an accessory, or maybe a limited DVD box set of your favorite TV series or movie trilogy. Whatever it may be, online is NOW the way to go.

I’m planning a few more purchases in the succeeding months myself. It’ll save me more money that way.

And saving more money by being a wiser shopper is always a good thing.

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