Buyer Beware!

Be careful when you encounter individuals peddling illegal products and services.

Globe WimaxI speak in general but this post particularly discusses the case of illegal WIMAX units being sold by a certain Alvin Garcia aka “Boy Pasay Wimax” who was recently arrested during an entrapment operation.

An operation at Garcia’s residence led to the seizure of 4 Globe WIMAX modems, a computer set and around 100 pieces of Globe Sims, which are apparently used by the suspect to clone or reconfigure Sim cards for unlimited data surfing.  Police authorities also recovered from him his personal phone which showed various transactions of WIMAX selling activities confirming he is indeed Boy Pasay Wimax.

If you think this doesn’t concern yourself, think again.  Peddlers and sellers of illegal equipment and services aren’t the only ones who are arrested.  Those who engage in these transactions and deal with peddlers are equally liable.

A follow-up operation after Garcia’s arrest led to the apprehension of Ericson Cagara, a resident of Block 5 Lot 3 Phase 2 Topaz Street, Celina Homes, Camarin Caloocan City. He was arrested after he contacted Garcia with intention of buying hacked WIMAX modems. One unit was recovered from him.

A third entrapment operation led to the arrest of Sohayli Gagaso, a resident of Maharlika Village in Taguig. He had also sought a meeting with Garcia with intention of buying Globe WIMAX modems.

“We are relieved that the illegal sale of Globe WIMAX modems in Pasay City had been put to an end,” said lawyer Froilan Castelo, Head of the Corporate and Legal Services Group.

“We would like to appeal to our subscribers to bring to our attention any suspicious offers that they may receive concerning the sale of supposed WIMAX modems,” Castelo stressed, noting that certain criminal elements had utilized popular social media site Facebook in luring subscribers into this illegal activities.

Criminal charges against the suspects for violation of Republic Act 8484, also known as Access Device Act and PD 1612 Anti Fencing Law have already been filed in court, Castelo added.

Similar to other arrest made in the past, the modus operandi has been to pull-out the WIMAX modem from legitimate subscribers on pretext of an upgrade. The modems are then reconfigured and sold at a one-time cost payment.

Legitimate subscription of Globe products and services are available through Globe-authorized sellers and distributors as well as in numerous Globe Stores nationwide.

So, remember guys… crime doesn’t pay.  Yep… that pun was intended.

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