An Open Letter of Frustration and Hopelessness To SkyCable

With much frustration and seemingly futile hope, I am now posting my open letter to SkyCable.



Our connection has always been very intermittent and speed is frustratingly bad! Nakakapikon at nakakainit ng ulo!

Lagi na lang ganito!

It is not enough to appease customers by offering bill readjustments month after month. That is not the solution to your pathetic service.

Connection is so bad that even sending out a single tweet takes me a grueling 10mins when it should normally take only a second or two. It’s infuriating!

Magpapadala kayo ng service team tapos maaayos saglit. After a week, ganun na naman. This happens all the time!

Hindi na natapos-tapos ang problema namin sa niyo!

I am losing work, I cannot complete correspondences and my productivity is suffering seriously because of poor internet service!

During one of the many visits of your service team to my place to resolve our connection concerns, they told me that SkyCable is currently sufferring from congestion problems. Too many subscribers. This shouldn’t even have been a concern if you really placed your existing customers’ satisfaction and welfare ahead of money matters.

Stop accepting new subscribers if your god damn servers aren’t capable of accommodating any more load. Upgrade accordingly FIRST if you want more subscribers.

What good are fast speedtest results to your server if your server itself cannot connect to other sites properly?!

Treat your customers with respect. Genuine respect. We pay, you DELIVER!

It seems DELIVERING the MONTHLY BILL is the only thing you guys are constantly good at.

I understand that this is a business and you need to profit out of it. But there is a corresponding responsibility and high degree of service that is also expected from you.

Wag “pera-pera” lang!

Please take your existing subscribers seriously. I can clearly understand why a good number of your customers are constantly ranting about poor to non-existent service.

Not everyone subscribes to your broadband internet service merely to play online games and spend hours on Facebook. A great deal of us need internet to work, too!

Ika nga sabi ng isang Twitter follower ko in response to my Twitter rant to your service, “Anong silbi ng magaling kung lagi namang absent?”

Kayo yun.

Commitment. Responsibility. Respect.

Put that in your collective heads.

Get your shit together and deliver promptly.

Your “sick and fed up” subscriber,
Chuckie Dreyfus

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