SkyCable Broadband Woes

Seriously, out of the entire duration I’ve been subscribed to SkyCable’s broadband service, more than half of that time has been problematic due to intermittent and unreliable service.


For example, a little rain in our area and our connection goes down. It has become so unreliable that their broadband is predictably f*cked up every single time the weather gets bad or after a power outage.

Subscribers deserve better.

Just earlier today, I complained about really really bad internet after we had a power outage last night. Loading of pages on certain sites are barely non-existent. I get constant timeouts. Tweets & Twitter DMs take 2mins to send out (WTF!). Instagram doesn’t refresh. And even connecting to Viber takes forever. Rebooting the modem doesn’t help at all either.

Their response to my complaint arrived a good 3 hours late today. And it came after I’ve sent more than 10 DMs to them already.

Their reply…

“Our sincerest apologies, Sir. We have scheduled a service team to check your connection. Thank you.”

I asked when their service team was scheduled to check our connection. Their response…

“Our earliest schedule for the checking is on June 25, Sir.”

JUNE 25?!!! Are you frickin’ kidding me??? That’s one whole goddam week away. What does SkyCable expect us to do from now till June 25? Stare at the wall?


It’s very disappointing and frustrating that a provider with a reputation of having constant terrible service would take too long to resolve concerns such as this.

It’s not enough to readjust our bill again due to subpar service (which they have done countless times). What about the inconvenience and work that is lost due to no connection? How does SkyCable plan to compensate for that?

Hey, SkyCable! On behalf of all your other disgruntled subscribers who are getting shortchanged… Get your sh*t together!

UPDATE 1: Sky DM’d me again a few hours after this blog post. This is what they said…

“Already made a report to our concerned team and they’re already working on this to have it resolved. Please expect a service from our team tomorrow. Thank you.”

Will keep you guys posted. *crosses fingers*

UPDATE 2: The SkyCable service team dropped by earlier to check our internet problem.


Upon checking, they did confirm our intermittent connection concern. They also saw some loose connections (faulty RF connectors) on a nearby post which they replaced. Apart from that, they said that an “Interactive Plant Repair” needs to be done which will take about 24-48hrs to complete.

I hope things get resolved very soon. Will keep you guys posted.

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