Pampanga’s Best, Indeed!

I’m a sucker for food.  I love eating although it doesn’t quite show now because of the drastic diet and fitness regimen that I had to go through 2 years ago wherein I lost 50lbs in roughly 4 months (185lbs. down to 135lbs.)

It takes a substantial amount of effort to stay fit.  In fact, GETTING FIT and STAYING FIT are two different beasts altogether.  It’s harder to maintain weight than to lose weight, in my opinion.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in a lot good food every now and then.  I have to.  It keeps me sane.

That being said, just last week my wife and I were invited by good friend, Ferds Bondoy, and Electrolux Philippines to go on a food tour all around the province of Pampanga.  Yes.  Pampanga… a province known for their rich heritage of wonderful (and sometimes exotic) dishes.

Electrolux Discover-E logoAccording to Electrolux, the love and passion that Filipinos have when it comes to food is no secret. Whether it be eating out or eating in the comforts of our own home, eating is definitely a favorite Filipino pastime. With this in mind, Electrolux is embarking on a journey to re-discover our appreciation of Filipino food, culture, and heritage through its Discover-E kitchen campaign.

“As part of our commitment to meet the needs of (Filipino) consumers, Electrolux has carried out a nationwide initiative designed to promote culinary discovery and enjoyment of Filipino cuisine,” says Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager, Electrolux Philippines. “Our Discover-E campaign will let consumers discover and do more culinary exploration in their kitchens with the help of Electrolux kitchen appliances.”

This was one trip I wasn’t going to pass on.  If there was any time that I would want to indulge in glorious food, it would be this.  Most “Kapampangans” (a term used for people who grew up in Pampanga) are usually skilled in the kitchen… and my tummy was so ready to test that fact.

I had so much fun bonding with old and new friends… and it goes without saying that the food was absolutely satisfying.

We toured a good number of places around Pampanga such as “Kusina Matua Nang Atching Lillian”, “Kabigting’s Halo-Halo”, “Everybody’s Cafe”, “Prado Farms” and “Apag Marangle”.

And since images speak more than words can ever convey, I shall leave you to drool and gasp on all the “food porn” posted below which I have taken during this memorable trip.  Enjoy.

My Discover-E Pampanga Food Tour Photos!
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By the way… Electrolux is launching the Instant Discover-E Photo contest, an avenue for all foodies to share and exchange food pictures, or to simply drool over all delicious pictures.
The photo contest is aimed at encouraging virtually everyone to take a picture and upload scrumptious Filipino food using Instagram and Twitter. Once a week, three entries with the yummiest picture will be awarded free items, gift certificates and Food Passports for Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival!
“We are inviting everyone to discover the Filipino cuisine with us, one post at a time,” says Andrea Pionilla, Group Product Manager, Electrolux Philippines. “We have made this contest as simple as possible—all they have to do is take a photo of any food, post with the hashtag #DiscoverE and tag @ElectroluxPH on Instagram or Twitter and they will get a chance to win.”
Contest period is from between May 15, 2013 and June 30, 2013. Winners will be announced every week.

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