The MyPhone A919 3D Duo Is Here!

It’s here, guys! The MyPhone A919 3D Duo!
So far, I’ve been trying out the camera, taking 3D photos and videos. I’m having a lot of fun using it! Imagine viewing 3D pics and vids without the aid of 3D glasses.

Also, the Angry Birds Star Wars game in 3D is awesome! This, along with other 3D games come free with the unit (yay!).

Of course, when in 3D mode, don’t expect the display to be as clear as when using it on 2D images and videos. That’s pretty much a given with naked eye 3D displays.

Nevertheless, I’m enjoying it a whole lot!

This is just a teaser since I haven’t really started playing with it yet.

This particular model runs on Android 4.1.2.

For those interested on the FULL SPECS of MyPhone’s A919 3D Duo, click here.

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