MyPhone A919i Duo – Full Specs

It’s here folks!

As promised, below are the full specs of MyPhone‘s Quadcore Android smartphone – the A919i Duo! This is one wickedly fast device that actually runs on Android’s latest OS version (Jellybean).

Also below are the features that come with this incredibly affordable yet very impressive smartphone.

So… is the A919i Duo finally the smartphone you’ve been waiting for? Does it fit the kind of lifestyle you lead? Check out the specifications and features below and see for yourself.

MyPhone A919i Duo - Full Specs

Check out these features…

A919i with MyPhone Live!

A919i with MyPhone Live Chatbeat Karaoke App

A919i Duo - Antutu Benchmark

Quadcore processor, HD Display, Jellybean, 8MP Rear Camera / 2MP Front Camera, 3G and OTG, plus so much more and being sold at a very affordable price. Seems like a very good deal, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below and let’s get the discussion going. Cheers!

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