My Zesty Kuala Lumpur Adventure! – Day 1 (Part 2 of 3)

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Our first stop along the way was the new National Palace of Malaysia called, Istana Negara.

To say that Istana Negara is BIG is an understatement. Huge does not even come close to describing the place. Istana Negara is absofrickinlutely massive! You’ve got to be there to actually realize how vast and overwhelming the National Palace is.

After a good number of “Look! I’ve been here!” photos all over the outer grounds of the palace including some fun pics with the palace guards, we left Istana Negara to have late lunch. Yipee!

Though lunch was a tad late, it was very filling as much as it was fulfilling! Truly, much of a people’s culture and heritage can be learned through their food. And if eating is learning, then this particular lunch can be likened to a whole day lecture! I believe I ate more than my usual. Thank, God, I brought my stash of Carbtrim to even out the carbs I took in. *burp!*

After what seemed to be a foodfest over lunch, we went straight to our hotel – The Berjaya Times Square.

Apart from our hotel rooms lookin’ really swell, I found it equally awesome that Berjaya is located right smack in the heart of the city. It makes exploring the metropolis that much easier.

We, checked into our respective rooms and were given about an hour to freshen up, unpack and relax a bit before meeting up at the hotel lobby again to make the most of our first day.

An hour passed and sure enough, we were all gathered at the lobby ready to head out and see more of Kuala Lumpur. Let’s go!

Next stop – Kuala Lumpur City Gallery!

Everything you need to know about KL like its history, culture, art and society can be easily learned by stopping by this awesome place. One interesting factoid that stuck in my head was that the name, “Kuala Lumpur”, actually meant “mouth of the muddy river”. See…! I’ve been paying attention to Marie’s lectures while simultaneously taking a ton of photos inside the gallery. Haha!

You’ll notice a good number of other tourists here as well.  If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur for a few days, make sure to drop by the City Gallery.

Before we knew it, it was dinnertime already!  We didn’t realize it right away because at 7:30pm, Malaysia’s sky is still very bright!

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