Ako Ay Para Kay Teddy Casiño

I sincerely believe the Filipino people has had enough false promises and undelivered commitments from past politicians.

Too much grandstanding and lack of concrete action by more than a handful of people in the goverment has become a common thing already.

Aren’t we all sick and tired of it?

It’s high time we choose wisely and choose carefully. Scrutinize the candidates and find out who among them truly has our best interests at heart.

I truly believe that one of those deserving of a seat at the Senate and someone whom we urgently need right now is Teddy Casiño.


Teddy represents a great majority of our population – the regular joe, or in tagalog… ang “karaniwang tao”. And while others may similarly claim to serve the common man, we know that even before Teddy entered politics, he has already been tirelessly fighting for those whose voices could hardly be heard – the masses and the poor.

Here is my endorsement video for Teddy Casiño’s Senate run.

So, what say you? Do you want real change? Do you feel the same burden for our country? If so, give Teddy Casiño a shot at the Senate.

He needs our support as much as we need him in office.


May 13, 2013 is the date when we can help turn our country around for the better. And we can all start by choosing #6 on our ballots.

Tama na sa mga gahaman. Kay Teddy naman.

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