So Much For Fishing…

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” —Chinese Proverb

So the saying goes.

Unfortunately, for quite a number of Digitel employees, losing that ability to fish will soon become a bitter reality. It seems that because of the corporation’s merger with PLDT, more than half of their people will be losing their jobs – all thanks to what PLDT head honchos consider to be a case of “redundancy”.


For anyone, perhaps… losing one’s means to make a living is far more terrible than losing something dearly owned. Apart from the obvious need for money, it also affects one’s self-esteem, confidence, and sense of purpose.

You can read all about this current issue by clicking here.

I can most certainly understand what they’re going through and why they are fighting tooth and nail, desperately pleading their case to their new employers (PLDT).

I truly feel for these affected employees for I, too, have also been in their shoes once upon a time.

And even though these Digitel workers are offered substantial retirement packages, we all know that money, no matter how BIG, without work, can only go so far. And even if PLDT conducts a series of livelihood and entrepreneurship workshops for a good number of their “soon-to-be” ex-employees, that doesn’t ensure one’s financial security anytime soon.

My prayers go out to these Digitel employees as well as their families. God knows we all need work, right?

I pray that very soon they may find bigger oceans where there are better opportunities for them to fish.

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