“It’s A Beautiful Day” aka Good Riddance!

What can I say.

I absolutely enjoy Michael Bublé songs… and his latest single is no exception.

Entitled, “It’s A Beautiful Day”, Bublé joyfully sings a song of good riddance and relief. It’s cute, humorous and fun.

I’m sure you’ll love the song as well. That’s why I’m sharing the music videos below for you guys to enjoy.

I’m sharing 2 versions of the music video for you – the official music video and the official lyric video.

Official Music Video:

Official Lyric Video:

Nice, right?

Being a fan of Boyce Avenue‘s awesome covers, I am likewise posting below their own acoustic version of the same song. Enjoy!

“It’s A Beautiful Day” (Boyce Avenue- Acoustic Version):

Pretty cool too, don’t you think?

So there… just wanted to share it with all of you. Hope it made you smile.

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