Wrong Ramen is Ramen Done Right

My family and I recently checked out a restaurant amusingly called, WRONG RAMEN, located in Burgos Circle at The Fort.

I’ll tell you this… I hardly fall for Oriental noodle dishes. The only time I fell absolutely in love with something like this was when I tried out RAMEN BAR at Robinson’s Magnolia a few months ago (you can check out my review on Ramen Bar by clicking here).

Wrong Ramen

Anyways, here we were… right in front of the establishment. Ours was a mixed feeling of excitement and hunger (yes, we really look forward to new food spot adventures with much enthusiasm).

As we entered the place, the only thing on my mind was the hope that WRONG RAMEN’s dishes would at least taste just as good as RAMEN BAR’s offerings so as to keep me a happy camper.

Ok… before we get to our orders, lemme address the obvious question that’s just begging to be answered – “Why on Earth would this restaurant be called WRONG RAMEN?”

According to the good folks of this fairly young eating place, the establishment is called WRONG RAMEN because they don’t serve “ramen” in the authentic, traditional manner. The various versions of ramen served here are unconventional, different, and has tons of character… Far from your typical “right” ramen which is boring, predictable, and conventional…

Salt and PepperWith much anticipation and curiosity, we immediately went through the menu and zeroed in on their specialties. There were quite a number of selections to choose from and it was quite difficult to determine which dish to order. Danica, a member of the Wrong Ramen staff, was patient with our queries and kind enough to enumerate and describe the selections that are hits with their customers.

As we waited for our orders to be served, we checked out Wrong Ramen’s small yet very novelty premises as well as the amusing images hanging on their walls.

Looking around, you’ll immediately know that this ain’t your typical boring ramen bar. The ambiance is uniquely different… it’s very refreshing to be in an establishment with loads of fun character.

Comfort Room Door SignFrom the comfort room door to the condiments on the table, practically anywhere you lay your eyes on, there was always something worth looking at. My wife and I found ourselves calling out to one another from one end of the room to another, “Hey hon, this is so cool! Come here and check this out!”

What’s funny is that we haven’t even gotten to the food part yet!

So, after a fair amount of amusement, our orders started coming in… Service was fast and the dishes arrived in good time. Alas! The moment of truth…!

First up, an appetizer called “Enoki Mushroom Fries”Crispy lightly salted enoki mushrooms. Served with katsu ketchup.

Enoki Mushroom Fries This interesting dish is tasty as it is crunchy! If you love mushrooms, this is a wonderful twist to the usual mushroom fare normally served in other restaurants. My family had no problem devouring this whatsoever. Order this during your next visit… it’s a winner.

We ordered 4 different kinds of ramen (one for each of us) so that we could compare each one of ’em, as well as to be able to try out more of their offerings.

Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu! Deep-tasting, milky, lip-smacking pork bone and chicken broth served with sliced Chashu. Wow, right? Believe me… it tastes just as good as how it’s described on the menu. Very rich. Just how rich? If its milky soup were money, it would be “Bill Gates” rich! Yum!

Wrong Ramen Light TonkotsuWrong Ramen Light Tonkotsu! If you’re sensitive to pork fat: a lighter version of their classic tonkotsu. Served with shredded Chashu. Just like Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu but less of the rich fatty taste. If you find the Rich Tonkotsu to be too overwhelming, then this baby is the one to get. My son enjoyed this a lot.

Wrong Ramen Tantanmen! A bold, nutty sesame broth with a mild spicy kick served with ground pork and shredded Chashu. The description on the menu was intriguing enough for me to order it. I enjoy a good spicy kick every now and then… and this particular ramen seemed like the perfect dish for me. It’s got a good amount of pepper sprinkled over it which I absolutely loved! I asked for an additional order of “Runny Egg” (similar to soft-boiled egg) which I mixed into my soup. Remember when I said how hard it was for me to enjoy ramen-like dishes? Thanks to Wrong Ramen (and my previous visit to “Ramen Bar”) I am now a convert! I absolutely loved this particular order.

F.U. Ramen! Your breakfast in liquid form: Black pepper spam, strips of bacon, cheese and a crispy fried egg in a pepper garlic broth. My daughter picked this for obvious reasons! Well, it sure ain’t your typical ramen dish… but nothing in this restaurant is. The F.U. Ramen is a joy to eat! My daughter normally has a hard time finishing her food but she downed the F.U. so fast and with so much gusto that it surprised me and my wife. That alone says a lot already.

There was one item on the menu that really got our attention… I just had to order it because its name was unlike any other on the list…

Poop of the Gods! Belgian chocolate with Sea Salt and Olive Oil. This is one wicked poop that I will never grow tired eating! It’s so good, I cannot even begin to describe how delicious it is. Imagine the rich sweetness of belgian chocolate with a hint of saltiness – HEAVEN!!! Just order it… you’ll know what I mean.

Was our trip to Wrong Ramen a success? No doubt about it! Would we come back again anytime soon? Most definitely!

There are some restaurants that serve good food but don’t merit an immediate repeat visit… Wrong Ramen isn’t one of those establishments. I would hit this place again in a heartbeat. It’s that good. And I say this with no exaggeration at all.

Of course, as they say… “the proof is in the pudding”. Best to try out Wrong Ramen yourselves and see why my family has gone “gaga” over their dishes. Who knows… during your visit, you might even bump into us trying out the other offerings we haven’t tasted yet.

My family and I have no regrets visiting Wrong Ramen and I’m quite sure you won’t either. Take your family along… they’ll thank you for the experience, not to mention the food. Bring your special someone over for a date… who knows, you might just get lucky after dinner… (*wink! wink!*) Hahaha!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Wrong Ramen!

In fact… if great tasting ramen is WRONG, then I don’t ever wanna be RIGHT!

Wrong Ramen
Burgos Circle, 1634 Fort Bonifacio
Tel.No.: (02) 823-8249

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