The Myth Of Ernest Cu

Before I get to the meat of this post, let me first start by stating that what I am about to say below is solely my opinion without any bias, favoritism or partiality whatsoever.

Ok. Now that I’ve made that clear, let’s get right to it…

It is very sad.

One can already malign someone by sharing one’s opinion in a blog like this one. Before you know it, it already spreads like wildfire on social media either on Twitter or Facebook.

Globe CEO - Mr. Ernest CuTake the case of Globe CEO, Ernest Cu, who was taken out of context last night at the CloudFone event held at Prive at the Fort. He was quoted as saying: “Kokonti lang ang kilala kong may hitsura na Smart User”. Actually, I find this funny and not offensive at all. A lot of people didn’t find it offensive either.

Kung sinabi kong, “Lahat ng naging girlfriend ko ay magaganda at seksi”, ibig sabihin ba nun lahat ng bumasted sa akin ay pangit? Of course, not!

Apparently, other bloggers took Mr. Cu’s quote out of context. The line uttered by Mr. Cu did not suit their moral taste and quickly imposed a harsh judgment on the guy. Before you know it, the blog hit Twitter and Facebook and boom! – Mr. Cu is now an “uncouth” CEO. Wow. How would you feel if you were misquoted and misjudged without the benefit of the doubt.

We always talk about the “great power” of social media – the power to influence, to reach out, to engage, to make ourselves heard… and less is spoken about, as Peter Parker would say, the “great responsibility” that comes with that kind of power.

A blogger’s own conviction can actually destroy one man’s reputation even though the facts are not yet clear. Is Mr. Cu really the man these bloggers portrayed him to be because of one quote that displeased them?

This is the reality of blogging and social media.

By the way, gwapo ako*.

*Sabi ng nanay ko at ng misis ko. :)

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