The ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro

It’s happened to me more than once – I’m in one of my teleserye tapings and some of the scenes that I’m included in are spread out really far apart… or I’m holed up in a vehicle bored out of my wits during a really daunting roadtrip.

So, what does one do during these loooong stretches when you’re not sleepy and have nothing to do at all? Dabble with the smartphone – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, photo-editing, listen to music, watch videos.

Whether it’s an iOS, Android or even a Windows device, almost instinctively, most of us reach out for our electronic devices knowing that these gadgets will save us from any kind of boredom.
20130213-072935.jpgOne concern, though – Smartphones, when constantly used either online (wifi or mobile data network), or watching videos and playing games, are notorious power suckers. Before you know it, your gadget’s built-in battery is in the red, practically depleted and just about to give up on you.

Not good.

So, how do I save my device’s battery from draining out and lasting throughout the day especially when there’s not a single electrical outlet in sight?

The solution? A powerful external power pack.

In all my travels, whether it’s heading to a mind-numbing grind on the set, a long roadtrip, or just a simple drive to the nearby mall, I always bring along my dependable power pack. You never know when you’ll need it the most. Best to have it at arm’s reach all the time.

There are various brands and models out there. I use a couple of ’em myself… even my wife and my son carry one each.

I am presently trying out the ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro (I have no idea why it’s got a ridiculously long name).
20130213-013538.jpgIt may not be as “handy” and as compact as other models out there but what it lacks in poratability, it more than makes up in power. And boy, does it pack powwwah!

The ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro (quite a mouthful to say!) is roughly 1/3 the size of a VHS tape. It is wrapped and protected by its own rubber covering which actually gives it a more heavy-duty macho-ish look.
20130213-063728.jpgWhile most pocket-sized power banks hold anywhere between 1500-2200mAh, this baby boasts an incredible 8400mAh of power.

Just how much exactly is 8400mAh of power, you ask?

The ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro’s juice can fully charge an iPhone 5 4 times over from 0-100%! It even has 2 USB ports (USB Port A – 1.0A & USB Port B – 0.5A) so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. It also sports a bright LED torchlight on one end. Pretty awesome, right?
20130213-064111.jpgI took this gadget along a few days ago when I left for my Ilocos Norte trip. Back-to-back-to-back long road trips all over the province meant that I would be using my iPhone 5 extensively, especially when making calls to our kids at home and taking photos of new sights and places. Cameras of smartphones are notorious culprits of battery drain (iPhoneograpgers, beware).
20130213-070524.jpgThis short business/pleasure vacation to the far north was also the perfect opportunity for me to see how well the ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro performs during actual use.
20130213-071704.jpgDuring my 3-day Ilocos trip, we had schedules which would start at 9AM and stretch all the way to 10PM. That’s a good 13 hours of practically constant gadget use. Without a power bank along and with no electrical outlet nearby, I’d be lucky if the iPhone 5 would last me a good 6 hours.
20130213-064525.jpgSo… just how well did this new power bank perform?

With the ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro in tow, my iPhone 5 was never in the brink of conking out. Never. I used the power bank every chance I got and at the end of the day, I realized that I barely even tapped out 1/4 of the Mobile Battstation’s capacity. Very impressive.

Would I recommend it to my readers? Most definitely. But like I said, some of you may not be quite comfortable carrying something this big around. Although, if battery life is of utmost importance, then knowing you have the ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro inside your bag or at the very least in your vehicle’s glove compartment, will give you that much needed peace of mind.
20130213-064805.jpgBesides, with newer smartphone and gadget apps requiring higher and higher processing power, the demand and need for better battery life becomes greater and greater. So, having an external power pack (or power bank, as some would call it) is NO LONGER a luxury but a necessity.

Remember… without power, even the best and most souped-up smartphone in the world is only as useful as a dumb paperweight.
20130213-074228.jpgThe ibattz Mobile Battstation Tough Pro is available at all Beyond The Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub stores.

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