MyPad 2 – Full Specs

For those who want to know the full specs of MyPhone’s “MyPad 2” before purchasing a unit or for curiosity’s sake, look no further.

Check out the image chart of the tablet’s full specifications below and see if this is the right device for you.

my|pad 2 (Full Specs)I’ll be doing a hands-on review on this unit very soon so stay tuned.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts on MyPhone’s latest Android (ver 4.0) tablet?

Leave your comments and reactions below.  Cheers!

UPDATE (05/09/2013):
Wanna know all about MyPhone's latest Quadcore smartphone, the A919i Duo? Click here!
Exclusive inside info on MyPhone's upcoming 3D smartphone, the A919 3D Duo! Click here!

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