A Much Needed BOOST!

Are you like me who gets easily paranoid when your smartphone’s battery is almost about to run out and the day isn’t over yet?  You probably are if you’re as dependent as I am on my phone.

Gone are the days of smartphones such as the Nokia 5510 wherein its battery life would seem to last for weeks without charging (Do you remember?).

But with the invention of the external power bank (or power pack, as some would call them), even an easily drained electronic device such as a smartphone can have that much needed extra BOOST anytime, anywhere.

Enter… the Inboosta Travel Booster!

Inboosta Travel BoosterYou know the saying, “Big things come in small packages”?  Well, this is one perfect example of it.

The Inboosta Travel Booster is relatively small… easy to carry around or tuck inside your bag – you’ll hardly notice it’s there.  But don’t be fooled.  As small as it is, it sure packs a punch.  6000mAh to be exact.  6000mAh is enough to charge a fully drained iPhone 5 back to 100% THREE (3) TIMES!

The first time I used it, it took me about 11hrs to charge the power bank to full capacity.  Not a bad thing considering how much power it can store.

I brought my Inboosta Travel Booster along during my recent Tagaytay trip just a few days ago.  It was an all day event which started at 7AM all the way to 9PM.  16 hours, give or take.  I was practically on my phone the whole time, blogging, making calls and taking pictures.  So, to make sure I would drain out, every chance I would get, I’d immediately connect my iPhone 5 to the Inboosta Travel Booster to keep it juiced up.

Inboosta Travel Charger - contentsAfter all the activities and upon returning home, my iPhone 5’s battery was still in the pink and the Inboosta Travel Booster was only halfway used up.  Pretty awesome performance, if you ask me.

Two (2) USB outlets for simultaneous chargingThe Inboosta Travel Booster comes with a variety of plugs and adaptors ensuring its compatibility with practically any electronic gadget or smartphone.  It even has 2 USB outlets so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously.

This amazing 6000mAh power bank retails for Php 2,990.00 ONLY and is sold at all “Beyond The Box” stores.  If 6000mAh is too much for you, it comes in other power capacities as well.

If you’re looking to add more oomph into your gadget’s battery life, this is one power bank you should definitely look up.

Since we’re in the topic of Inboosta and Beyond The Box… Boy! do I have great news for you as well…!

As a SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY PROMO, only from February 8-17, 2013, Love Comes In Pairs at Beyond The Box!

During this promo period, for every purchase of an Inboosta Travel Booster, you can get another one at 50% OFF!  Awersome deal, me thinks!

It’s the perfect gift to get for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.  It’s a cute way of saying…

“Hey babe, I love you so much, I want us to be connected all the time without worrying about running out of battery power.”

Nice… and smooooooth! *wink-wink*

The “Love Comes In Pairs” promo isn’t limited to Inboosta products only… it also applies to ALL Urbanears and Speck products as well. Sweeeeeeeeet!

For more details about the promo… head over to Beyond The Box’s website before the promo period ends!  Click here to check it out.

I am also raffling out one (1) Inboosta Travel Booster via my #chuckiegiveaway courtesy of our good friends at Beyond The Box!

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