Ibenta Mo Na!

Garage SaleI remember back in the days when our family would hold “garage sales” every so often because some of the stuff in our house were either sitting in a corner gathering dust or were simply just not needed anymore.

Hindi naman pwedeng magpa-garage sale kung isa lang naman ang plano mong ibenta, diba? You’d usually wait until your place is cramped up with things you don’t need before putting up a sale. Those were the days of my childhood. Masarap din naman… pero kadalasan, mahirap din.

What about the other things you own which you don’t need but want to sell at a price that is more to your liking? The only avenue back then was a newspaper’s classified ads section. Most free ads in broadsheets don’t have the same visibility of their “paid” counterparts. Results are slow and sometimes you never even get a call from an interested buyer.

Buy and Sell OnlineThat was then. People have it easy nowadays… all thanks to the internet and the power of technology.

The first time I saw eBay on the internet, I was amazed at how ingenuous the website’s concept was. The site served as a central hub for vendors and buyers. My problem with eBay, though, was that there were more people from other countries browsing the site and not enough Pinoys, which in actuality are my main target market.

What if I wanted to sell something immediately? Selling it on eBay might not result in a lot of hits from interested buyers nearby. Yikes! Problema pa rin.

Fortunately, and I say this with a huge sigh of relief, two fellow Filipinos who go by the names of RJ & Arianne David (lovebirds back then, married now) probably felt the same kind of burden I was feeling and whipped up solution to this concern. With a starting capital of only Php 2,400.00 back in September 11, 2006, little did the couple know that what they were about to embark on inside RJ’s room would be the start of something BIG!

They put up a website and called it (drumroll…)Sulit.com.ph!Sulit.com.ph

And the rest as they say, is history.

Today, Sulit.com.ph is the Philippine’s no.1 Buy & Sell website with a thriving community of 1.9 Million members which they fondly call “Sulitizens”. The site offers free membership and free posting of ads. What was once a small startup now gets an astounding 700,000 unique visitors daily.

I, myself, am a proud member of this award winning website. In fact, when my wife and I go through our stuff and sort out the things we still use from the things we would rather monetize, the first thing that comes to mind is Sulit.com.ph. Why? Because, apart from it being easy and hassle-free, selling your stuff there generates results fast.

Sulit.com.ph’s latest campaign called, “Ibenta Mo Na!”, encourages everyone to sell their unneeded 2nd-hand (or even brand new) items on their website. In line with this new push, Sulit.com.ph has just released their latest commercial video. Watch it below…

Nice! So… may gamit ka ba na hindi mo na kailangan o hindi mo na ginagamit? Aba! Mapapakinabangan pa yan ng iba… Ibenta mo na!

Simple at easy lang sa Sulit.com.phPost. Usap. Deal.

*This is a sponsored post.

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