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TagaytayI’ve always dreamt of having my own property in Tagaytay… even just a small one.

Ever since I was a kid, I would happily look forward to long road trips heading off to places with cold climates. Tagaytay and Baguio were always at the top of my list.

When I got married, my wife and I would daydream and talk about having a second home in Tagaytay where our family could easily get away from all the hullabaloo and stress of the Metropolis. An escape of sorts.

But where exactly would one be able to find that perfect spot where the conveniences of the metro (sans the hurly-burly) melds seamlessly with the unique and wonderful environment of Tagaytay? With all the development brought about by Tagaytay’s beauty and booming economy, choosing that perfect spot place can be quite tedious.

Asilo TagaytayI recently learned about “Asilo Tagaytay” – a property being developed by Avida Land, the affordable housing arm of Ayala Land.

Derived from the word “silong”, which means “to take shelter”, Asilo Tagaytay is a mixed-use residential development that offers a second home or vacation home for buyers. This is a wonderful property for people who want to enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano and soak in the cool, refreshing climate that Tagaytay is famous for. It is also a prime choice for those who wish to invest in a place to lease, with the assistance of Avida’s Leasing Services.

Asilo Tagaytay - Vicinity MapMany of us love Tagaytay because it is the “farthest nearest” getaway from the country’s capital. It’s an escape that doesn’t tax one’s energy when traveling since it’s practically just an hour’s drive from Manila. As a residential area, Asilo Tagaytay is easily accessible from Metro Manila and Greater Metro Manila. Aside from being very close to two major national highways (Tagaytay National Highway and the Aguinaldo Highway), Asilo Tagaytay is also conveniently near the Rotonda and beside the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, as well as schools, hospitals, and places of leisure.

Tower 1 & Low-Rise BuildingDon’t you just hate how progress and development eventually changes a city’s ambiance and “feel” which, ironically, is the main thing you fell in love with in the first place?

Well, you’d be glad to know that the architectural design, materials, finishing, and the landscaping of Asilo Tagaytay are designed to be more reflective and reminiscent of the old Tagaytay—rustic and yet contemporary. Structures are designed to blend in harmoniously with the natural landscape. *whew!*

Model Unit - Living RoomIt’s quite comforting to know that Asilo Tagaytay’s size and number of the buildings are just enough to let residents fully enjoy the view and the climate, as well as to maintain a natural setting – corridors have breezeways, ample space is provided between buildings for better cross-ventilation, pitched roofs were designed to give particular character that is appropriate to Tagaytay, and units that are more spacious and bigger than those offered in urban locations.Asilo Tagaytay - Aerial View (Development)Knowing that the Ayala Property Management Corporation is handling and maintaining Asilo Tagaytay, it goes without saying that the property will remain in top shape.

Asilo Tagaytay - AmenitiesAnother aspect of this development which I found very interesting is that the concept for the retail area is very different from your typical mall. Asilo Tagaytay’s retail area will have courtyards and showcase Tagaytay products! Yes… residents, travelers, and vacationers can enjoy the best that Tagaytay has to offer. It’ll have a local flavor and Asilo’s design will fit the setting. Yay!

So, is Asilo Tagaytay worth considering if you were scouting the area for the perfect home away from home? Most definitely. I know I would.Model Unit - Panoramic ShotWondering how big their units are in terms of dimensions and figures? I’ve got you covered. Check out Asilo Tagaytay’s different rooms and their respective unit prices below:

Towers: Studio A – 22 sqm / Studio B – 30 sqm / 1BR – 40 sqm / 2BR – 60 sqm
Low-rise building: 1 BR – 50 sqm, 2BR – 80 sqm
Price range: 2M to 7.5M

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Then I guess that probably means that a video clip speaks millions. And because words fail to fully describe how awesome Asilo Tagaytay is going to become once completed, best to check out their short AVP below and be amazed yourselves.

To know more about Asilo Tagaytay, you can visit Avida Land’s website by clicking here. You may also contact Avida thru (+632) 848-5200.

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