Simplism Smart Flip Shell

A month after getting an iPad Mini, only now have we actually fitted our device with protective casing. I guess my wife wanted to savor its “commando look” before pimping it up with a much needed cover. Can’t blame us… you know how handsome these Apple gadgets are especially when struttin’ it around in all its ummm… nakedness.

My wife really loves the iPad Mini – It’s never a burden to bring along, the battery life seems to last forever and is just as functional as its big brothers sans the bulk.

There are a ton of iPad Mini cases in the market ranging from jelly-type protectors to novelty covers so choosing the right one gets pretty confusing. But in the end, it all boils down to personal taste and functionality.

We suited up our little baby with a classic looking case called the Simplism “Smart Flip Shell”.

Simplism Smart Flip ShellThis particular protective casing boasts of a leather finish which, in my opinion, gives the iPad Mini a more elegant and classy appearance (think “pogi points”, folks!) – it’s the kind of look that never goes out of style.

It also sports a built-in “Smart Cover” which automatically awakens your device or puts it to sleep whenever the case is opened or closed.

It’s a sweet lookin’ case that lives up to its brand name – “Simplism”. The Smart Flip Shell’s beauty comes from its simplicity and minimalist design. I’m not one who goes for loud, outrageous colors with weird form factors. Don’t be fooled, though… its functionality has not been compromised in any way.

The iPad Mini fits snugly into the case’s frame and locks firmly into it. The inside of the “Smart Cover” has 4 pockets where you could insert and keep credit cards & IDs. This is one feature some of you might find important. Pretty cool, me thinks.

The pockets themselves also double as stoppers when you fold the Simplism Smart Flip Shell and place your device in any of its 3-level angled/standing positions. Neat, huh!

Whether you’re looking for another iPad Mini protector to add to your collection or scouring malls for that one single case which you’ll be exclusively using for months and years to come, the Simplism Smart Flip Shell is something worth considering seriously.

Clean. Elegant. Classic.

We’ve been using this case for a couple days now and, so far, we’ve never had any difficulty using the device whatsoever. In fact, my wife just told me that she fell in love with the iPad Mini all the more now. Is there a Simplism Smart Flip Shell that I could wear so she could love me more too? Hahaha!

I absolutely adore the dark brown variant of this case… but if dark brown isn’t your thing, the Smart Flip Shell also comes in 4 other colors such as black, beige and purple.

The Simplism Smart Flip Shell is available in all Beyond the Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker outlets in and around Metro Manila. Head over to any of their stores and check out their other gadget accessories as well while you’re at it.

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