Memories and Milage


This is my most trusted pair of New Balance rubber shoes.

I’ve had this pair for almost 5 years already. It has been my constant companion at the gym from the time I was 185lbs., down to when I reached 135lbs. and my dependable buddy on every challenge and every hike in Survivor Philippines (Yes, I took this pair with me).

Though tattered, very worn out and sporting a ton of battlescars, this very pair of rubber shoes still serve me upto this day. It has never given up on me. In fact, I still wear ’em during gym sessions and long outdoor runs.

If only these shoes could talk, it would speak of so many memorable times… Moments of physical struggles and triumphs on weight loss, days I’ve almost given up on personal goals, our travels, long walks… as well as the hard-earned victories and achievements we’ve accomplished together.

So much sentimental value.

Its battered old body… though still very much able, will perhaps need to be retired in the near future. Although, I’ll still be using it once in a while just for “kicks” (no pun intended… hehehe).

But I most definitely won’t be throwing away this trusty ol’ pair anytime soon.

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