It’s Smarter To Be EMPOWERED – Kris Aquino is Globe’s Newest Endorser!

If there’s one thing Kris Aquino is totally known for, it’s for how brutally frank and candid she is when she speaks her mind… and how she, for some, notoriously is when she gets really “off-the-cuff” during conversations.

But personally, I’d take honesty any day of the year – no matter how blunt or painful it may be.

That being said, when Kris Aquino has an opinion about something, you can be damn sure it ain’t bull and that she’ll stand by it come hell or high water. If she realizes a mistake or misjudgement on her part, Kris is equally quick (and not afraid) to admit it.

That is called integrity.

Why am I saying all this, you ask? Because just recently, Kris Aquino has become Globe‘s newest endorser. Yep. Believe it.

Check out Kris Aquino’s testimonial TVC below.

If Kris Aquino, a former celebrity endorser for another telco giant, comes out and speaks candidly about the awesome improvements and positive effects of Globe’s network infrastructure upgrade overhaul, you have got to believe that it is absolutely the gospel truth.

You can love her or hate her… you can call her anything you want. But one thing Kris Aquino has proven herself to be – to everyone, time and again, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this… is that she has never been a liar.

So, would you call her a turncoat for telling everyone how better off she is with Globe? Most definitely not.

She just did what Kris Aquino does best time and time again…

Be herself – Honest. Candid. Off-the-cuff.

And now, add to that…


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