Guilty As Charged!

My wife keeps telling me that I look silly almost every night falling asleep while tinkering with my smartphone.

Either, tweeting, editing photos, or playing games in a comfortable position always leaves me feeling sleepy… and more often than not, I end up dozing off.

During a taping of my teleserye (“Magdalena”) last week, some of my co-artists had the pleasure of witnessing what my wife has long been bugging me about!

Fellow “Magdalena” co-star, Pauleen (Luna), probably figured that DOCUMENTING it is far way better than just simply witnessing this embarrassing (albeit hilarious) sight.

When I woke up and browsed through my Instagram timeline, LO AND BEHOLD! – This photo jumped right at me! Hahahahaha!


LOL! Yep… Guilty as charged! Hope you guys had a good laugh…

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