Globe VS Smart – The Great iPhone 5 Pricing War… Uncovered!

When it comes to money matters, one has to be very careful where they spend their hard-earned cash.

Just because one establishment says their item is cheaper than a similar item sold by another DOES NOT necessarily mean it actually is. It’s all in the wording. If you don’t do your own pencil-pushing, you are putting yourself at risk of throwing away more money than you should.

Case in point… the much awaited iPhone 5. This is one hot commodity everyone is looking to purchase. Two telco giants are bringing this baby in come Dec 14, 2012 – Globe and Smart. Both have already announced their respective pricing scheme for the iPhone 5.

As with any item being sold, an interested individual would first have to consider where he/she can get this smartphone at the most affordable price. This is where it gets tricky.

Which telco is really offering the iPhone 5 at a lower price?

Smart is giving out the 32GB iPhone 5 for free at Plan 2499, which they claim is way cheaper than Globe who is offering the same model at Plan 1799 + Php 10,080.00.

It may seem that way… and if you aren’t careful, you’d probably believe this to be the gospel truth.

BUT WAIT! Is that claim actually “truthful”???

What isn’t stressed enough (and something YOU should consider heavily) is the fact that Globe’s cash out amount of Php 10,080.00 can be split up into 24 monthly payments at 0% interest! YES! 0% interest.

Let’s do the math, shall we…

Php 10,080.00 / 24 months = Php 420.00/month

Add that Php 420.00 to Globe’s Plan 1799 and you get a total of Php 2,219.00/month ONLY!

So, which telco is actually offering the 32GB iPhone 5 at a MORE AFFORDABLE cost?

Smart’s 2,499.00 or Globe’s 2,219.00?

Seems pretty obvious to me which iPhone 5 plan comes out cheaper. That’s a monthly difference of Php 280.00 right there!

In the course of your 24-month plan, you’re actually saving Php 6,720.00 with Globe.

Upon checking Globe and Smart’s iPhone 5 plans side-by-side below, you’ll realize how much more affordable it is to go with Globe’s offerings.

(Click on image to enlarge)

See?! Now you understand. Everything becomes clearer once you break it down and do the math, right?

Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

So, before you reach deep into your pocket believing you’ve made the smart choice, I suggest you go through these additional comparison charts below and think again.

(Click on images to make them larger)

When all is said and done, in the course of making the right and wrong choices, you have no one else to blame or commend but yourself.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New iPhone 5, folks!

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