Unboxing the MyPhone A919 Duo

I’ve been meaning to unbox this most awaited baby for sometime but I was out-of-town the past couple of days due to work (taping for GMA News TV’s Weekend Getaway) so this post had to wait a bit.

I’ll make this brief and straightforward so I can get ’round to making a video review of the MyPhone A919 Duo very very soon.

Behold!  The coveted MyPhone A919 Duo Android smartphone!

Upon first glance, the box doesn’t seem too different than that of its other smaller brothers – the A878 & A898 Duo.

Upon opening the box, you can pretty much tell that compared to other MyPhone models, the A919 Duo stands out even by just looking at the plastic covering that protects the unit.

As soon as you remove the unit and the felted cardboard tray it sits on, you will see all of the basic contents that come along with the package.

Here are the accessories that come with the MyPhone A919 Duo’s package – one (1) USB cable, charger, 2000mAh battery, earphones, warranty, quick start guide, pinoy guide, warranty certificate and software.

What really caught my eye is the A919 Duo’s sleek lookin’ USB charger.  It looks nothing like the usual black chargers that come with other models.  I like this a whole lot.

The MyPhone A919 Duo sports a monster 8 Megapixel camera at the back!  This is crazy awesome…!  I will showcase a few test photos using the A919 Duo on a separate post soon. Watch out for that.

Have you purchased your own A919 Duo unit as well?  I’ve been reading some cool firsthand reviews from happy owners of this handsome Pinoy smartphone.  I’ve yet to test drive my own unit for a couple of days before I post a video review of it.  Don’t worry, it’ll only take a short while.

What are your thoughts?  Share ’em on the comments section below… Cheers!

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