MyPhone A919 Duo Updates


Ok, folks… This will be our little MyPhone A919 Duo “update page”.

This means that everytime I get new information about the A919 Duo, I’ll be posting it here. So keep on coming back to this post to see the latest updates.

For starters, here are a few updates (and accurate information) that I’ve recently gathered:

The MyPhone A919 Duo’s price upon release is Php 7,990.00 (not 7,999.00).

The MyPhone A919 Duo will be released TOMORROW (November 23, 2012).

The MyPhone A919 Duo does NOT support “USB OTG” contrary to inaccurate information being released elsewhere. MyPhone never announced the capability even on their Facebook page. (Be careful where you seek info)

For those talking about MyPhone merely being a “rebranded” Micromax model, here is a brief clarification about the issue as explained by MyPhone themselves:
The MyPhone A919 Duo is NOT rebranded by micromax. They have the same manufacturer in China. In the Philippines, MyPhone is tried and tested and goes through a tedious quality control process handled by a filipino technical team – so expect improved and better quality.

Check back regularly for additional updates soon!

Got questions? Leave a comment below. Let’s get this conversation goin’.

UPDATE (05/09/2013):
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