MyPhone A919 Duo Full Specs

Ok, everyone… it’s here!

As promised, here are the full specs of MyPhone‘s eagerly awaited Android smartphone – The A919 Duo!

I’ve seen this baby in person and held the prototype 2 months ago and honestly, this model is a thing of beauty. Anyone wishing for an affordable device that’s sleek, fast and boasts a bigger screen should watch out for this. Release of the A919 Duo is expected within this month. Excited?!

The MyPhone A919 Duo’s official price tag will be Php 7,999.00 when it comes out. Very affordable for a device that comes from a company that is known to make good on every promise to its consumers especially on reliability and dependability.

I’ll be posting a video review of this device very soon.

Check out the full specs of the MyPhone A919 Duo below:

Personally… anyone who says that there are other cheaper smartphones in the market has not done its homework properly. As true as it may be, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean “more bang for your buck”. When it comes to gadgets, more important than a difference of a few hundred bucks is a brand’s reliability when it comes to after-sales.

MyPhone devices are guaranteed professional care by Sony Service Centers.

What’s a few hundred bucks more if you’re assured of your device’s care in case anything unfortunate happens to it, right?

Would you rather bring a device you bought with your hard-earned money to just any unreliable cellphone repair shop… not knowing if the guy tinkering on your gadget knows what he/she is actually doing?

That few extra bucks you’re shelling out (which still isn’t a whole lot, if you ask me) isn’t going to waste in the first place… you’re actually paying a little bit more for that most sought after “peace of mind”.

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE (05/09/2013):
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