I love mashups.  Particularly the ones I stumble across on YouTube.

Ever heard of Sam Tsui?  He’s quite the hit on YouTube… he puts out some of the coolest mashups online and most of his covers are awesomely arranged and produced by his good friend (and in my opinion, a musical genius), Kurt Hugo Schneider.  Together they also do solo covers which, more often than not sound way better than the originals.

I follow (and subscribe) to a good number of independent artists on YouTube – really artistic and far more talented than a lot of mainstream artists we usually listen to.

Since we are in the topic of mashups… check out Sam Tsui’s latest collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider – “Summer Pop Medley 2012”.  Just awesome.

Amazing spin they did on a handful of current hits, right?  Check out Sam and Kurt’s YouTube channels here and here respectively.

So, what did you think of the video?

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