The GCash American Express Virtual Card Is AWESOME!

Seriously folks, you won’t want to miss this blog post. I’ve been raving about Globe’s latest offering since I first learned of it during the launch of this new service.

My wife and I were invited to attend Globe’s GCash American Express Virtual Card launch at the Quezon Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La just recently.


Little did we know that what was going to be revealed to us and to a select number of individuals from traditional and social media was something absolutely exciting!

In a nutshell, Globe understands the difficulty Filipinos encounter when it comes to online shopping especially when accessing US-based merchants/sites. Some merchants require you to have a valid US address… a few do not even ship outside the country. Some ship abroad, but freight charges usually cost an arm and a leg (Ouch!)

All that is about to change with Globe’s GCash American Express virtual card!

What sort of benefits does a GCash American Express virtual card bring, you may ask?  Check out the video below…

With a GCash American Express account, you finally have a valid US credit debit card that is seamlessly linked to your GCash mobile wallet.

Shop online from both local and international sites that welcome American Express.  Digital downloads, such as buying songs, movies or smartphone/tablet apps online is absolutely possible.  It is a secure and convenient way of paying for your online purchases anytime (provided you have sufficient funds in your GCash wallet).

No valid US address? No problem. GCash American Express will provide you with a valid physical US address (courtesy of where you can have online purchases dropped off at.

No valid US phone number? No problem. GCash American Express has got you covered as well. You will be provided with one (courtesy of

Worried about expensive shipping costs? Don’t fret. GCash American Express’ shipping costs (via is rock bottom cheap!

Excited already? You’re probably already saying, “Omigosh!!! Sign me up NOW!”… Registering for your own GCash American Express virtual card is a no-brainer.

If you’re a Globe subscriber (prepaid or postpaid), you are automatically entitled to a GCash account. A GCash account enables you to sign-up for a GCash American Express virtual card!  Check out the video below to see how easy it is to open your own account…

Simply head over to the GCash American Express website by clicking here.

When you arrive at the site, signing up is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Key-in your GCash-registered mobile number and email address
  2. Key-in the passcode sent to your mobile number
  3. Get an email with your Digital Handbook containing your account details

Loading up your GCash is very easy as well – you can head over to any Globe Wireless Center, any Bancnet ATM, or even convenience stores nationwide. Remember, loading your GCash account is FREE!

Product benefits:

    • ONE MONTH FREE trial
    • Low shipping charges
    • Security code feature accessible using your mobile phone
    • Convenient cash-in from your bank account or through any of over 7,000 GCash outlets nationwide

As soon as I signed up for my very own GCash American Express virtual card, I immediately tried it out on my iPhone via the AppStore – a few clicks here and there to associate my new GCash AmEx card with my iTunes account and, before you know it, I’m already downloading my newly purchased app! Amazing!

What about you?  What wonderful items do you plan to purchase with your own GCash American Express virtual card?

Well, whatever it may be, with the GCash American Express Virtual Card, you will most definitely LOVE THE WAY YOU PAY.

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