Ramen Bar – A Gastronomical Pleasure

My family and I recently checked out a fairly young food spot that has been making quite a buzz around town as well as on social media due to its delicious dishes.

The place? Ramen Bar.

We’ve been meaning to hit this place up for quite some time now but haven’t really gotten ’round to actually doing it. After visiting their Robinsons Magnolia branch this afternoon and trying out some of their best sellers, I am wondering why we haven’t done so waaaay earlier.

I must say, for someone like me who doesn’t necessarily consider noodles a first option when it comes to dining, Ramen Bar has changed my way of thinking (and eating).

I went in and sat down not knowing what to expect other than what friends and acquaintances have already been raving about. I asked the kind lady in charge of taking our orders as to what she would recommend and what was usually ordered by returning customers. She gave me a number of selections to choose from.

I went for some “Kakuni Buns” for starters and opted for the “Spicy Karaage Ramen” as my main entree.

You know what’s really amusing about my order? I hardly eat spicy dishes. Not because I don’t like spicy food… on the contrary, I love it. It’s the spicy food that doesn’t love me back. Let’s just put it at that.

But every now and then, I brave the day and go headlong out on a limb, just to truly live in the moment. This was one of those days.

With eager anticipation, I waited for my orders to be served. Likewise, I was also hoping that my decision to go the “maanghang” route will be well worth it.

Alas, my Kakuni Buns and Spicy Karaage Ramen arrived in good time and in gloriously yummy presentations.

I was not disappointed. Not at the least bit.

The Kakuni Buns were yummmmmmmy! The slightly sweet pork belly was pure joy in every bite.

The Spicy Karaage Ramen was so hot and so delicious. It was sexy good. The fried boneless chicken was wonderful and the shoyu ramen was bliss. The soup was an absolute winner! I love how its spiciness slightly burns your mouth. A must try, most definitely.

During this one meal, I deliberately left my diet at the door. I just had to try out the other dishes on the table. One particular dish that caught my eye was the “Yakiniku Beef Rice Topping”.

Wondering where exactly Ramen Bar can be found?

Ramen Bar has 3 branches around the metropolis – Robinsons Magnolia, The Venice Piazza (McKinley), and Eastwood.  Any area you end up in, you’re pretty sure to find some ramen goodness nearby.

If you wanna know the latest (and greatest) ramen dishes being offered by Ramen Bar, head over to their regularly updated Facebook page and LIKE them.  They’re on Twitter too!  Follow the Ramen Bar team at @RamenBar.

Don’t you just love how some of your first experiences end up becoming delightful, memorable ones?  That’s exactly how mine turned out to be during our first trip to Ramen Bar.  I’m sure yours will be too.

Glad I was feeling adventurous that particular time… had I not given in to a little impulsiveness, I wouldn’t have been introduced to Ramen Bar’s awesome and insanely delicious offerings.

Happy. Filled. Content. Win.

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