Globe’s LTE Lineup – Makes Perfect Sense… Or Does It?

Whoa! Globe seems to have started showcasing their vast array of LTE (Long Term Evolution) compatible smartphones just recently. Handsome gadgets, if I may add.

Have you seen them? Don’t fret if you haven’t yet… I’ve got ya covered.

But first things first… for the benefit of those who don’t quite understand what LTE is or how it can radically transform one’s mobile surfing lifestyle, allow me to provide you with a quick and brief explanation of what Long Term Evolution is.

LTE has long been seen as the first advancement towards stronger, faster and more efficient 4G data networks. How fast? Verrrrrryyyy FAST! LTE offers wonderful advantages over our present 3G systems such as higher throughput, plug and play compatibility, and low latency. The technology also means Long Term Evolution can work on higher bandwidth networks without any loss of throughput.

Alright… by now you probably already have a better grasp of what LTE is. It is also understood that, just like 3G and 3G-compatible devices, in order to enjoy everything that LTE has to offer, one has to be using a smartphone that uses LTE technology as well.

No problemo. As promised, here they are… check out Globe’s impressive lineup of LTE-enabled phones:

Samsung Galaxy S III LTE


Huawei Ascend P1 LTE


Starting this quarter, Globe will be the first Philippine telco to offer the latest LTE-enabled smartphones in its Globe Stores.

Honestly, it makes pretty good sense considering Globe’s on-going network upgrade which is, thankfully, nearing completion. With this major infrastructure overhaul, we could easily foresee LTE-capable smartphones becoming the natural choice of most smartphone users.

Globe’s 4G LTE network has a peak throughput speed that will enable users to download and upload files, HD videos and other multimedia content at a much higher bit-rate, faster than HSPA and HSPA+ technology, with LTE peak speeds of up to 60 Mbps for outdoor coverage and 30 Mbps for deployments inside buildings.

According to Robert Tan (Globe’s Chief Technology Adviser), the speed for Globe’s LTE network is at least 10x faster than existing 2G and 3G networks, giving quicker responses to every user application such as video and mobile gaming. Also, Globe’s 4G LTE network boasts of better outdoor coverage by using advanced antenna solutions.

It’s the never ending story of man’s insatiable “need for speed” – Why settle for GPRS/EDGE when you can surf blazingly fast using 3G…? And similarly… why opt for 3G when you can blast through the information highway at insanely rapid warp-speeds using LTE?

With Huawei, ZTE, HTC and Samsung, Globe seems to be in good form, prepping for a strong LTE push during this final quarter of 2012.

Like I said… it makes perfect sense. Or does it?

It seems there’s one little thing that doesn’t quite make sense here… and I’m sure I ain’t the only one wondering about it either.

With Globe finally unveiling their LTE-enabled “Big Boys”, where is the BIGGEST BOY of ’em all???

If there’s one device that Globe should be launching their awesome LTE network with… No doubt, my dear friends – it’s the iPhone 5.

What are your thoughts?

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