MyPhone A898 – Full Specs

So many speculations have been going around ever since I released the sneak peek of the my|phone A898 a couple of posts ago. Many have been asking about screen size, battery, processor, etc.

Wonder no more because below are the full specs of the my|phone A898 for everyone to feast on.

Hope this sheds some light and answers a ton of your queries. Pretty good specs if you ask me.

For those asking if this phone has 3G, the answer is YES. “UMTS” is 3G.

What do you think? Leave your comments and questions below. Cheers!

For those asking… This is NOT the MyPhone A878. Check the specs of the A898 above and compare it to the specs of the A878. They are different.

If you’re looking for the full specs of the MyPhone A878 Duo or if you are confused between both models (cause they actually look quite similar), you can check it out here.

You’ll be VERY surprised by how much the regular market price of the MyPhone A898 will be when it comes out. Pleasantly surprised.

UPDATE (05/09/2013):
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Exclusive inside info on MyPhone's upcoming 3D smartphone, the A919 3D Duo! Click here!

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