MyPhone A878 Duo – Full Specs

I’ve been getting tons of questions about the recently released MyPhone Android-powered unit – The A878 Duo.

Because of the recently released A878 Duo, people have been leaving plenty of comments asking if I made a mistake regarding the information I posted about the MyPhone A898.  Many have been wondering if I was actually referring to the A878 Duo… or if MyPhone decided last-minute to rename the A898 to the A878 instead.

My answer – NO.

The MyPhone A878 Duo is a completely different model.  The MyPhone A898 exists and the specs I posted of it are accurate.  For one, the A878 Duo has no 3G capability while the A898 supports it.

To help clear out the confusion and to shed light on some of your questions, here are the full specs of the MyPhone A878 Duo.

There you have it, folks.  You can place this side-by-side with the full specs of the MyPhone A898 to see the differences of both models.  Cheers!

UPDATE (05/09/2013):
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