Localroam – A Different Kind Of Buying Site

We are all familiar with group buying sites, aren’t we?  You check what’s on promo and you impulsively go on a buying spree… regardless if you’re on a tight budget or not.

The “Hurry! Get it now at dirt cheap prices before stocks run out!” approach that group buying sites use to promote their merchant’s products compel YOU, the potential buyer, to frantically grab your credit card and buy-buy-buy.  A marketing ploy that mentally conditions you to act now and worry later.

In the end, you’re left with expiring vouchers you haven’t found time to use, products you purchased out of WANT and not out of NEED, and in most cases – the dreaded credit card debt that keeps you up at night wondering how to pay back.

Apart from the unnecessary stress caused by debt which you could have easily avoided, what you get in exchange for dirt cheap prices are, more often than not, compromised quality of services.

Enter Localroam.

Localroam offers prepaid vouchers with huge discounts on products and services that range from travel packages to health and wellness treatments. Payments for these prepaid vouchers may be conveniently made through BPI Express Online, or at any BPI branch nationwide.

My wife and I had the pleasure of being at the Localroam media launch earlier.  We, together with a few individuals from traditional and social media, were introduced to this new cooperative buying platform which is similar in some ways to the usual group buying structure BUT BETTER in every way because of how partner merchants are handpicked as well as they way their commodities are offered out.

According to Phillip Pastoral, Localroam, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer, “Unlike other group buying sites, Localroam prepaid vouchers may be enjoyed anytime making sure that clients are covered with the discounts whenever they need it.  The discounts offered in the prepaid vouchers are comparable to corporate discounts being offered to huge companies but now we are making these savings available to even the housewives or small companies.”


Localroam has forged “long-term” partnerships with reputable establishments that focus on the basic necessities, such as health and wellness and discounted hotel accommodations for the family to enjoy.  These partner merchants have been carefully selected to ensure integrity… Merchants and companies that value and ensure customer satisfaction above all.

For example, imagine 10% off on medicines and supplements from The Generics Pharmacy, the fastest growing drugstore chain in the country which is known for its quality and affordable drugs and strategic locations around the country.

The Generics Pharmacy prepaid voucher could be bought at only P225 for medicines and vitamins worth P250 or instant savings of P250. Buy more vouchers and get more discounts!

With most, if not all commonly known group buying sites, products & packages cannot be acquired immediately OR can only be availed during a certain and very limited promo duration.

Not with Localroam.

Localroam’s merchants offer their products and packages all year round.  So, you don’t end up rushing to get something you’re not even ready to purchase yet.  This allows you to plot out your budget properly.  That’s why Localroam stresses that their buying structure is also borne out of an advocacy to improve every individual’s spending habits.

Payment processing is instantaneous, thanks to BPI Express Online, the internet banking service of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

“BPI continues to effectively provide solutions that benefit and reward our clients. Our partnership with Localroam allows our clients to take advantage of great online deals with easy and convenient payment options. Clients can pay for their Localroam prepaid vouchers, as well as 300 other merchants, through BPI Express Online’s bills payment facility”, explains Carlo Gatuslao, BPI Assistant Vice President.

And as an exclusive treat to BPI Express Online users who are wary of the continuous oil price hike, this one’s for you:  BPI and Localroam, in partnership with Seaoil, will be offering prepaid discounted vouchers that automatically gives buyers 5% off on Seaoil gasoline products for a miniumum purchase of P1,500. Vouchers are available in P500 denominations through Localroam. Aimed at helping motorists counter the rising fuel costs, 45 Seaoil stations in Metro Manila are participating in the offer.

Presently, their list of partner merchants include the following:  The Legend Villas, Astoria Boracay, Clinica Manila, Far Eastern Travel Agency (FETA), The Mabuhay Manor, Seaoil, and The Generics Pharmacy.

According to Phillip Pastoral, this is just the beginning… more partner merchants will be added in the near future.  The selection process may be tedious for Localroam but this will benefit all of us in the long-run because you can rest easy knowing that each and every commodity showcased in Localroam is never compromised and that partner merchants will always have top quality offerings not only for a limited duration… but all year round.  Sweet.

For more information about the BPI Express Online-Localroam partnership visit http://www.bpiexpressonline.com and http://localroam.ph

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