MyPhone A818 Duo – Video Review

This is my video review of the MyPhone A818 Duo – an insanely affordable (yet very functional) Android smartphone.

Since most gadgets & devices always look good on paper but sometimes fall short during actual (real life) usage, I decided not to delve on the technical specifications of the phone and concentrated instead on how functional and useable this device is.


So what did you think?

What wasn’t covered during this video review is the “Pinoy Content” SIM which comes along with it. That particular SIM contains all the Pinoy factoids, prayers, trivias, which can be easily accessible via a featured app that comes with the phone itself.

Also, games and apps aren’t reviewed in-depth since a person with common knowledge of what an Android OS is capable of is well aware of what this smartphone can deliver.  If you are still wondering if games and apps run smoothly on this device… the quickest answer to that is – fair enough.  Not blazingly fast, but not crawling either.  Then again, performance varies depending on what app or game is used on it.  It works.

No complaints here.  For a device that costs Php 3,999.00, you get all the bells and whistles you could ever ask for (except for 3G capability).

What’s your take on the MyPhone A818 Duo?

Leave your comments below and let’s start a healthy discussion.  Cheers.

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