MyPhone A818 Duo Review – Unboxing

I’d like to thank good friend, Richie de Quina of MyPhone for this nifty and cool little gadget – the MyPhone A818 Duo.

I’ve wanted to review this baby for quite sometime now.  Why, you ask?  Well, for one, this particular MyPhone model already runs on Android.  Secondly, apart from it being a dual-sim smartphone, the A818 Duo is insanely affordable.  Talk about empowering the masses!

With all the brand choices that one could scour through in the market nowadays, it is quite refreshing and very comforting to find a manufacturer that actually prides itself of being truly “Pinoy”.

Okay, you’re probably asking yourself, “Pinoy? But aren’t these phones made in China?”.  Indeed, these phones are made by MyPhone’s partner factory located in China… but everything else about their products are truly Pinoy – the R&D (Research and Development), content, and even the design of each of their models are based on inputs by MyPhone’s Filipino team.  And because of that, MyPhone qualifies as a brand (unlike other companies that merely trade).

If there’s one thing I do know about the folks over at MyPhone, it’s that these guys really work their butt off finding ways to improve their products and exceed expectations of what most stereotype people perceive “Pinoy quality” should be.

Let’s check the specs of the A818 Duo, shall we?

All MyPhone models are dual-SIM capable; It sports a 3.5″ screen with a resolution of 320×480 pixels; Android 2.3 powered; A 3.2 megapixel rear camera paired with a VGA front camera as well (yes… as affordable as it is, it actually sports a front camera); supports MP3 and MP4 files; the unit conveniently provides stereo FM Radio; Bluetooth & USB capable; it uses the standard 3.5mm phone jack (whew!); motion sensor enabled; supports SD card of up to 16GB; though this particular unit only uses GSM/EDGE, its WIFI capability more than makes up for the lack of 3G support (seriously, how many smartphones belonging to the same price range as the A818 Duo similarly offers WIFI capability?  None that I could think of.)

MyPhone’s A818 Duo packaging is no bigger than Apple’s iPhone box.

Sliding the box open immediately shows the A818 Duo snugly fit inside its protective foam-shelled tray. All its accessories, manuals, and warranty certificate are found beneath this tray (we’ll get to that later).

Just because the unit is dual-SIM capable, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should own two simcards for this unit to work.

The MyPhone A818 Duo comes with the usual accessories and peripherals one would expect from a regular smartphone package – an auto-volt charger (100-220v) with a USB socket; a USB cable to be used with the charger itself (it also doubles as the data cable when connected to a computer); headphones that sport the standard 3.5mm jack; one (1) 1300mAh battery.

Of course, the package comes with a slew of manuals and quick start guides that is best read before operating the device, although the A818 Duo is fairly straightforward and easy to learn sans the literature since it uses the Android operating system.  A warranty certificate comes along with each device should you encounter any kind of trouble with your unit.  It is worth noting that should you need to have your MyPhone device repaired, any Sony Service Center will honor your warranty and take your smartphone in.

You’re probably wondering how much something like this would go for.  The MyPhone A818 Duo can be yours for a ridiculously low price of only Php 3,999.00! I can tell you this… I don’t think you can easily find any smartphone in the same price bracket sporting the same bells and whistles as the A818 Duo.

That’s it for part one of this review, I guess.  Part two is coming up and will be in video.  It’ll be posted shortly so watch out for it.

Leave your comments and questions below.  Cheers!

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